Volvo C30 S40 V50 Powerflex Front Lower Wishbone Rear Bushes PFF19-1202


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Volvo C30 S40 V50 Powerflex Front Lower Wishbone Rear Bushes PFF19-1202

Powerflex Front Lower Wishbone Rear Bushes (PFF19-1202)

This part replaces OE part numbers: 1883046S1, B32H-34-250E S4 and 31277464 SK3 Ford Focus MK2, including RS and ST, Focus MK3 including ST, C-Max MK1 (2003-2010) and Kuga

OEM Part Number: 1883046S1
OEM Part Number: B32H34250ES4
OEM Part Number: 31277464SK3

Number of bushes supplied: 2

As your vehicle ages or is driven hard, you may start to experience imprecise handling, uneven tyre wear or unstable braking. These are common problems associated with soft, ageing, or failing rubber compound suspension bushes. Powerflex Suspension Bushes offer the solution.

Powerflex Bushes offer

  • Prolonged tyre life
  • Improved performance
  • Increase safety
  • Greater cost-effectiveness


Powerflex is proud to offer a Lifetime Warranty on the entire range of products manufactured.

Powerflex lifetime warranty badge


1x Powerflex PFF19-1202


Volvo C30 (2006 onwards)
Volvo S40 (2004 onwards)
Volvo V50 (2004 onwards)

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Weight1 lbs
Number of Bushes in Pack


Manufacturer Part Number

Item Compatibility List

Car MakeModelCars YearVariantBodyStyleCars TypeEngine Notes
VolvoC302006-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback1.61596ccm 100HP 74KW (Petrol)
VolvoC302006-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback1.6 D1560ccm 109HP 80KW (Diesel)
VolvoC302006-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback1.81798ccm 125HP 92KW (Petrol)
VolvoC302006-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.01999ccm 145HP 107KW (Petrol)
VolvoC302006-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.0 D1997ccm 136HP 100KW (Diesel)
VolvoC302006-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchbackD52400ccm 180HP 132KW (Diesel)
VolvoC302006-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchbackT52521ccm 220HP 162KW (Petrol)
VolvoC302006533 [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.4i2435ccm 170HP 125KW (Petrol)
VolvoC302006533 [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchbackD52400ccm 163HP 120KW (Diesel)
VolvoC302007-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback1.61596ccm 100HP 74KW (Petrol)
VolvoC302007-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback1.6 D1560ccm 109HP 80KW (Diesel)
VolvoC302007-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback1.81798ccm 125HP 92KW (Petrol)
VolvoC302007-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.01999ccm 145HP 107KW (Petrol)
VolvoC302007-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.0 D1997ccm 136HP 100KW (Diesel)
VolvoC302007-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchbackD52400ccm 180HP 132KW (Diesel)
VolvoC302007-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchbackT52521ccm 220HP 162KW (Petrol)
VolvoC302007-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchbackT52521ccm 230HP 169KW (Petrol)
VolvoC302007533 [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback1.8 Flex-Fuel1798ccm 125HP 92KW (Petrol/Ethanol)
VolvoC302007533 [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.4i2435ccm 170HP 125KW (Petrol)
VolvoC302007533 [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchbackD52400ccm 163HP 120KW (Diesel)
VolvoC302008-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback1.61596ccm 100HP 74KW (Petrol)
VolvoC302008-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback1.6 D1560ccm 109HP 80KW (Diesel)
VolvoC302008-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback1.81798ccm 125HP 92KW (Petrol)
VolvoC302008-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.01999ccm 145HP 107KW (Petrol)
VolvoC302008-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.0 D1997ccm 136HP 100KW (Diesel)
VolvoC302008-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchbackD52400ccm 180HP 132KW (Diesel)
VolvoC302008-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchbackT52521ccm 220HP 162KW (Petrol)
VolvoC302008-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchbackT52521ccm 230HP 169KW (Petrol)
VolvoC302008533 [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback1.8 Flex-Fuel1798ccm 125HP 92KW (Petrol/Ethanol)
VolvoC302008533 [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.4i2435ccm 170HP 125KW (Petrol)
VolvoC302008533 [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchbackD52400ccm 163HP 120KW (Diesel)
VolvoC302009-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback1.61596ccm 100HP 74KW (Petrol)
VolvoC302009-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback1.6 D1560ccm 109HP 80KW (Diesel)
VolvoC302009-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback1.81798ccm 125HP 92KW (Petrol)
VolvoC302009-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.01999ccm 145HP 107KW (Petrol)
VolvoC302009-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.0 D1997ccm 136HP 100KW (Diesel)
VolvoC302009-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchbackD52400ccm 180HP 132KW (Diesel)
VolvoC302009-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchbackT52521ccm 220HP 162KW (Petrol)
VolvoC302009-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchbackT52521ccm 230HP 169KW (Petrol)
VolvoC302009533 [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback1.8 Flex-Fuel1798ccm 125HP 92KW (Petrol/Ethanol)
VolvoC302009533 [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.4i2435ccm 170HP 125KW (Petrol)
VolvoC302009533 [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchbackD52400ccm 163HP 120KW (Diesel)
VolvoC302010-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback1.61596ccm 100HP 74KW (Petrol)
VolvoC302010-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback1.6 D1560ccm 109HP 80KW (Diesel)
VolvoC302010-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback1.6 D21560ccm 115HP 84KW (Diesel)
VolvoC302010-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback1.81798ccm 125HP 92KW (Petrol)
VolvoC302010-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.01999ccm 145HP 107KW (Petrol)
VolvoC302010-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.0 D1997ccm 136HP 100KW (Diesel)
VolvoC302010-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.0 FlexFuel1999ccm 146HP 107KW (Petrol/Ethanol)
VolvoC302010-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchbackD31984ccm 150HP 110KW (Diesel)
VolvoC302010-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchbackD41984ccm 177HP 130KW (Diesel)
VolvoC302010-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchbackD52400ccm 180HP 132KW (Diesel)
VolvoC302010-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchbackElectric112HP 82KW (Electric)
VolvoC302010-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchbackT52521ccm 220HP 162KW (Petrol)
VolvoC302010-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchbackT52521ccm 230HP 169KW (Petrol)
VolvoC302010533 [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback1.8 Flex-Fuel1798ccm 125HP 92KW (Petrol/Ethanol)
VolvoC302010533 [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.4i2435ccm 170HP 125KW (Petrol)
VolvoC302010533 [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchbackD52400ccm 163HP 120KW (Diesel)
VolvoC302010533 [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchbackElectric120HP 89KW (Electric)
VolvoC302011-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback1.61596ccm 100HP 74KW (Petrol)
VolvoC302011-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback1.6 D1560ccm 109HP 80KW (Diesel)
VolvoC302011-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback1.6 D21560ccm 115HP 84KW (Diesel)
VolvoC302011-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback1.81798ccm 125HP 92KW (Petrol)
VolvoC302011-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.01999ccm 145HP 107KW (Petrol)
VolvoC302011-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.0 D1997ccm 136HP 100KW (Diesel)
VolvoC302011-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.0 FlexFuel1999ccm 146HP 107KW (Petrol/Ethanol)
VolvoC302011-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchbackD31984ccm 150HP 110KW (Diesel)
VolvoC302011-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchbackD41984ccm 177HP 130KW (Diesel)
VolvoC302011-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchbackD52400ccm 180HP 132KW (Diesel)
VolvoC302011-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchbackElectric112HP 82KW (Electric)
VolvoC302011-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchbackT52521ccm 220HP 162KW (Petrol)
VolvoC302011-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchbackT52521ccm 230HP 169KW (Petrol)
VolvoC302011533 [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback1.8 Flex-Fuel1798ccm 125HP 92KW (Petrol/Ethanol)
VolvoC302011533 [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.4i2435ccm 170HP 125KW (Petrol)
VolvoC302011533 [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchbackD52400ccm 163HP 120KW (Diesel)
VolvoC302011533 [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchbackElectric120HP 89KW (Electric)
VolvoC302012-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback1.61596ccm 100HP 74KW (Petrol)
VolvoC302012-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback1.6 D1560ccm 109HP 80KW (Diesel)
VolvoC302012-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback1.6 D21560ccm 115HP 84KW (Diesel)
VolvoC302012-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback1.81798ccm 125HP 92KW (Petrol)
VolvoC302012-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.01999ccm 145HP 107KW (Petrol)
VolvoC302012-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.0 D1997ccm 136HP 100KW (Diesel)
VolvoC302012-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.0 FlexFuel1999ccm 146HP 107KW (Petrol/Ethanol)
VolvoC302012-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchbackD31984ccm 150HP 110KW (Diesel)
VolvoC302012-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchbackD41984ccm 177HP 130KW (Diesel)
VolvoC302012-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchbackD52400ccm 180HP 132KW (Diesel)
VolvoC302012-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchbackElectric112HP 82KW (Electric)
VolvoC302012-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchbackT52521ccm 220HP 162KW (Petrol)
VolvoC302012-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchbackT52521ccm 230HP 169KW (Petrol)
VolvoC302012533 [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback1.8 Flex-Fuel1798ccm 125HP 92KW (Petrol/Ethanol)
VolvoC302012533 [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.4i2435ccm 170HP 125KW (Petrol)
VolvoC302012533 [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchbackD52400ccm 163HP 120KW (Diesel)
VolvoC302012533 [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchbackElectric120HP 89KW (Electric)
VolvoS402004MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloon1.81798ccm 125HP 92KW (Petrol)
VolvoS402004MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloon2.0 D1997ccm 136HP 100KW (Diesel)
VolvoS402004MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloon2.42435ccm 140HP 103KW (Petrol)
VolvoS402004MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloon2.42435ccm 170HP 125KW (Petrol)
VolvoS402004MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloonT52521ccm 220HP 162KW (Petrol)
VolvoS402004MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloonT5 AWD2521ccm 220HP 162KW (Petrol)
VolvoS402005MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloon1.61596ccm 101HP 74KW (Petrol)
VolvoS402005MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloon1.6 D1560ccm 110HP 81KW (Diesel)
VolvoS402005MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloon1.81798ccm 125HP 92KW (Petrol)
VolvoS402005MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloon2.0 CDi1997ccm 133HP 98KW (Diesel)
VolvoS402005MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloon2.0 D1997ccm 136HP 100KW (Diesel)
VolvoS402005MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloon2.0 D41997ccm 131HP 96KW (Diesel)
VolvoS402005MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloon2.42435ccm 140HP 103KW (Petrol)
VolvoS402005MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloon2.42435ccm 170HP 125KW (Petrol)
VolvoS402005MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloonT52521ccm 220HP 162KW (Petrol)
VolvoS402005MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloonT5 AWD2521ccm 220HP 162KW (Petrol)
VolvoS402006MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloon1.61596ccm 101HP 74KW (Petrol)
VolvoS402006MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloon1.6 D1560ccm 110HP 81KW (Diesel)
VolvoS402006MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloon1.81798ccm 125HP 92KW (Petrol)
VolvoS402006MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloon1.8 Flex-Fuel1798ccm 125HP 92KW (Petrol/Ethanol)
VolvoS402006MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloon2.01999ccm 146HP 107KW (Petrol)
VolvoS402006MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloon2.0 CDi1997ccm 133HP 98KW (Diesel)
VolvoS402006MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloon2.0 D1997ccm 136HP 100KW (Diesel)
VolvoS402006MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloon2.0 D41997ccm 131HP 96KW (Diesel)
VolvoS402006MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloon2.42435ccm 140HP 103KW (Petrol)
VolvoS402006MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloon2.42435ccm 170HP 125KW (Petrol)
VolvoS402006MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloon2.4 AWD2435ccm 170HP 125KW (Petrol)
VolvoS402006MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloon2.4 D52400ccm 179HP 132KW (Diesel)
VolvoS402006MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloonT52521ccm 220HP 162KW (Petrol)
VolvoS402006MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloonT5 AWD2521ccm 220HP 162KW (Petrol)
VolvoS402007MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloon1.61596ccm 101HP 74KW (Petrol)
VolvoS402007MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloon1.6 D1560ccm 110HP 81KW (Diesel)
VolvoS402007MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloon1.81798ccm 125HP 92KW (Petrol)
VolvoS402007MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloon1.8 Flex-Fuel1798ccm 125HP 92KW (Petrol/Ethanol)
VolvoS402007MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloon2.01999ccm 146HP 107KW (Petrol)
VolvoS402007MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloon2.0 D1997ccm 136HP 100KW (Diesel)
VolvoS402007MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloon2.42435ccm 140HP 103KW (Petrol)
VolvoS402007MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloon2.42435ccm 170HP 125KW (Petrol)
VolvoS402007MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloon2.4 AWD2435ccm 170HP 125KW (Petrol)
VolvoS402007MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloon2.4 CDi2400ccm 163HP 120KW (Diesel)
VolvoS402007MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloon2.4 D52400ccm 179HP 132KW (Diesel)
VolvoS402007MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloonT52521ccm 220HP 162KW (Petrol)
VolvoS402007MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloonT52521ccm 230HP 169KW (Petrol)
VolvoS402007MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloonT5 AWD2521ccm 220HP 162KW (Petrol)
VolvoS402007MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloonT5 AWD2521ccm 230HP 169KW (Petrol)
VolvoS402008MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloon1.61596ccm 101HP 74KW (Petrol)
VolvoS402008MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloon1.6 D1560ccm 110HP 81KW (Diesel)
VolvoS402008MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloon1.81798ccm 125HP 92KW (Petrol)
VolvoS402008MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloon1.8 Flex-Fuel1798ccm 125HP 92KW (Petrol/Ethanol)
VolvoS402008MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloon2.01999ccm 146HP 107KW (Petrol)
VolvoS402008MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloon2.0 D1997ccm 136HP 100KW (Diesel)
VolvoS402008MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloon2.42435ccm 140HP 103KW (Petrol)
VolvoS402008MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloon2.42435ccm 170HP 125KW (Petrol)
VolvoS402008MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloon2.4 AWD2435ccm 170HP 125KW (Petrol)
VolvoS402008MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloon2.4 CDi2400ccm 163HP 120KW (Diesel)
VolvoS402008MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloon2.4 D52400ccm 179HP 132KW (Diesel)
VolvoS402008MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloonT52521ccm 230HP 169KW (Petrol)
VolvoS402008MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloonT5 AWD2521ccm 230HP 169KW (Petrol)
VolvoS402009MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloon1.61596ccm 101HP 74KW (Petrol)
VolvoS402009MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloon1.6 D1560ccm 110HP 81KW (Diesel)
VolvoS402009MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloon1.81798ccm 125HP 92KW (Petrol)
VolvoS402009MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloon1.8 Flex-Fuel1798ccm 125HP 92KW (Petrol/Ethanol)
VolvoS402009MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloon2.01999ccm 146HP 107KW (Petrol)
VolvoS402009MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloon2.0 D1997ccm 136HP 100KW (Diesel)
VolvoS402009MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloon2.0 F1999ccm 146HP 107KW (Petrol/Ethanol)
VolvoS402009MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloon2.42435ccm 140HP 103KW (Petrol)
VolvoS402009MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloon2.42435ccm 170HP 125KW (Petrol)
VolvoS402009MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloon2.4 AWD2435ccm 170HP 125KW (Petrol)
VolvoS402009MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloon2.4 CDi2400ccm 163HP 120KW (Diesel)
VolvoS402009MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloon2.4 D52400ccm 179HP 132KW (Diesel)
VolvoS402009MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloonT52521ccm 230HP 169KW (Petrol)
VolvoS402009MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloonT5 AWD2521ccm 230HP 169KW (Petrol)
VolvoS402010MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloon1.61596ccm 101HP 74KW (Petrol)
VolvoS402010MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloon1.6 D1560ccm 110HP 81KW (Diesel)
VolvoS402010MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloon1.6 D21560ccm 115HP 84KW (Diesel)
VolvoS402010MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloon1.81798ccm 125HP 92KW (Petrol)
VolvoS402010MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloon1.8 Flex-Fuel1798ccm 125HP 92KW (Petrol/Ethanol)
VolvoS402010MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloon2.01999ccm 146HP 107KW (Petrol)
VolvoS402010MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloon2.0 D1997ccm 136HP 100KW (Diesel)
VolvoS402010MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloon2.0 F1999ccm 146HP 107KW (Petrol/Ethanol)
VolvoS402010MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloon2.42435ccm 140HP 103KW (Petrol)
VolvoS402010MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloon2.42435ccm 170HP 125KW (Petrol)
VolvoS402010MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloon2.4 AWD2435ccm 170HP 125KW (Petrol)
VolvoS402010MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloon2.4 CDi2400ccm 163HP 120KW (Diesel)
VolvoS402010MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloon2.4 D52400ccm 179HP 132KW (Diesel)
VolvoS402010MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloonD31984ccm 150HP 110KW (Diesel)
VolvoS402010MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloonD41984ccm 177HP 130KW (Diesel)
VolvoS402010MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloonT52521ccm 230HP 169KW (Petrol)
VolvoS402010MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloonT5 AWD2521ccm 230HP 169KW (Petrol)
VolvoS402011MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloon1.61596ccm 101HP 74KW (Petrol)
VolvoS402011MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloon1.6 D1560ccm 110HP 81KW (Diesel)
VolvoS402011MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloon1.6 D21560ccm 115HP 84KW (Diesel)
VolvoS402011MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloon2.01999ccm 146HP 107KW (Petrol)
VolvoS402011MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloon2.0 F1999ccm 146HP 107KW (Petrol/Ethanol)
VolvoS402011MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloon2.42435ccm 170HP 125KW (Petrol)
VolvoS402011MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloon2.4 AWD2435ccm 170HP 125KW (Petrol)
VolvoS402011MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloonD31984ccm 150HP 110KW (Diesel)
VolvoS402011MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloonD41984ccm 177HP 130KW (Diesel)
VolvoS402011MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloonT52521ccm 230HP 169KW (Petrol)
VolvoS402012MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloon1.61596ccm 101HP 74KW (Petrol)
VolvoS402012MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloon1.6 D1560ccm 110HP 81KW (Diesel)
VolvoS402012MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloon1.6 D21560ccm 115HP 84KW (Diesel)
VolvoS402012MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloon2.01999ccm 146HP 107KW (Petrol)
VolvoS402012MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloon2.0 F1999ccm 146HP 107KW (Petrol/Ethanol)
VolvoS402012MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloon2.42435ccm 170HP 125KW (Petrol)
VolvoS402012MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloon2.4 AWD2435ccm 170HP 125KW (Petrol)
VolvoS402012MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloonD31984ccm 150HP 110KW (Diesel)
VolvoS402012MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloonD41984ccm 177HP 130KW (Diesel)
VolvoS402012MK II [2004-2012] SaloonSaloonT52521ccm 230HP 169KW (Petrol)
VolvoV502004MW [2003-2012] EstateEstate1.81798ccm 125HP 92KW (Petrol)
VolvoV502004MW [2003-2012] EstateEstate2.0 CDi1997ccm 133HP 98KW (Diesel)
VolvoV502004MW [2003-2012] EstateEstate2.0 D1997ccm 136HP 100KW (Diesel)
VolvoV502004MW [2003-2012] EstateEstate2.42435ccm 140HP 103KW (Petrol)
VolvoV502004MW [2003-2012] EstateEstate2.42435ccm 170HP 125KW (Petrol)
VolvoV502004MW [2003-2012] EstateEstateT52521ccm 220HP 162KW (Petrol)
VolvoV502004MW [2003-2012] EstateEstateT5 AWD2521ccm 220HP 162KW (Petrol)
VolvoV502005545 [2003-2012] EstateEstate1.8 Flex-Fuel1798ccm 125HP 92KW (Petrol/Ethanol)
VolvoV502005545 [2003-2012] EstateEstate2.0 D41997ccm 131HP 96KW (Diesel)
VolvoV502005MW [2003-2012] EstateEstate1.61596ccm 101HP 74KW (Petrol)
VolvoV502005MW [2003-2012] EstateEstate1.6 D1560ccm 109HP 80KW (Diesel)
VolvoV502005MW [2003-2012] EstateEstate1.6 D1560ccm 110HP 81KW (Diesel)
VolvoV502005MW [2003-2012] EstateEstate1.81798ccm 125HP 92KW (Petrol)
VolvoV502005MW [2003-2012] EstateEstate2.0 CDi1997ccm 133HP 98KW (Diesel)
VolvoV502005MW [2003-2012] EstateEstate2.0 D1997ccm 136HP 100KW (Diesel)
VolvoV502005MW [2003-2012] EstateEstate2.42435ccm 140HP 103KW (Petrol)
VolvoV502005MW [2003-2012] EstateEstate2.42435ccm 170HP 125KW (Petrol)
VolvoV502005MW [2003-2012] EstateEstateT52521ccm 220HP 162KW (Petrol)
VolvoV502005MW [2003-2012] EstateEstateT5 AWD2521ccm 220HP 162KW (Petrol)
VolvoV502006545 [2003-2012] EstateEstate1.8 Flex-Fuel1798ccm 125HP 92KW (Petrol/Ethanol)
VolvoV502006545 [2003-2012] EstateEstate2.0 D41997ccm 131HP 96KW (Diesel)
VolvoV502006MW [2003-2012] EstateEstate1.61596ccm 101HP 74KW (Petrol)
VolvoV502006MW [2003-2012] EstateEstate1.6 D1560ccm 109HP 80KW (Diesel)
VolvoV502006MW [2003-2012] EstateEstate1.6 D1560ccm 110HP 81KW (Diesel)
VolvoV502006MW [2003-2012] EstateEstate1.81798ccm 125HP 92KW (Petrol)
VolvoV502006MW [2003-2012] EstateEstate2.01999ccm 146HP 107KW (Petrol)
VolvoV502006MW [2003-2012] EstateEstate2.0 CDi1997ccm 133HP 98KW (Diesel)
VolvoV502006MW [2003-2012] EstateEstate2.0 D1997ccm 136HP 100KW (Diesel)
VolvoV502006MW [2003-2012] EstateEstate2.42435ccm 140HP 103KW (Petrol)
VolvoV502006MW [2003-2012] EstateEstate2.42435ccm 170HP 125KW (Petrol)
VolvoV502006MW [2003-2012] EstateEstate2.4 AWD2435ccm 170HP 125KW (Petrol)
VolvoV502006MW [2003-2012] EstateEstate2.4 D52400ccm 179HP 132KW (Diesel)
VolvoV502006MW [2003-2012] EstateEstateT52521ccm 220HP 162KW (Petrol)
VolvoV502006MW [2003-2012] EstateEstateT5 AWD2521ccm 220HP 162KW (Petrol)
VolvoV502007545 [2003-2012] EstateEstate1.8 Flex-Fuel1798ccm 125HP 92KW (Petrol/Ethanol)
VolvoV502007545 [2003-2012] EstateEstateT5 AWD2521ccm 230HP 169KW (Petrol)
VolvoV502007MW [2003-2012] EstateEstate1.61596ccm 101HP 74KW (Petrol)
VolvoV502007MW [2003-2012] EstateEstate1.6 D1560ccm 109HP 80KW (Diesel)
VolvoV502007MW [2003-2012] EstateEstate1.6 D1560ccm 110HP 81KW (Diesel)
VolvoV502007MW [2003-2012] EstateEstate1.81798ccm 125HP 92KW (Petrol)
VolvoV502007MW [2003-2012] EstateEstate2.01999ccm 146HP 107KW (Petrol)
VolvoV502007MW [2003-2012] EstateEstate2.0 D1997ccm 136HP 100KW (Diesel)
VolvoV502007MW [2003-2012] EstateEstate2.42435ccm 140HP 103KW (Petrol)
VolvoV502007MW [2003-2012] EstateEstate2.42435ccm 170HP 125KW (Petrol)
VolvoV502007MW [2003-2012] EstateEstate2.4 AWD2435ccm 170HP 125KW (Petrol)
VolvoV502007MW [2003-2012] EstateEstate2.4 D52400ccm 179HP 132KW (Diesel)
VolvoV502007MW [2003-2012] EstateEstate2.4 TDI2400ccm 163HP 120KW (Diesel)
VolvoV502007MW [2003-2012] EstateEstateT52521ccm 220HP 162KW (Petrol)
VolvoV502007MW [2003-2012] EstateEstateT52521ccm 230HP 169KW (Petrol)
VolvoV502007MW [2003-2012] EstateEstateT5 AWD2521ccm 220HP 162KW (Petrol)
VolvoV502008545 [2003-2012] EstateEstate1.8 Flex-Fuel1798ccm 125HP 92KW (Petrol/Ethanol)
VolvoV502008545 [2003-2012] EstateEstateT5 AWD2521ccm 230HP 169KW (Petrol)
VolvoV502008MW [2003-2012] EstateEstate1.61596ccm 101HP 74KW (Petrol)
VolvoV502008MW [2003-2012] EstateEstate1.6 D1560ccm 109HP 80KW (Diesel)
VolvoV502008MW [2003-2012] EstateEstate1.6 D1560ccm 110HP 81KW (Diesel)
VolvoV502008MW [2003-2012] EstateEstate1.81798ccm 125HP 92KW (Petrol)
VolvoV502008MW [2003-2012] EstateEstate2.01999ccm 146HP 107KW (Petrol)
VolvoV502008MW [2003-2012] EstateEstate2.0 D1997ccm 136HP 100KW (Diesel)
VolvoV502008MW [2003-2012] EstateEstate2.42435ccm 140HP 103KW (Petrol)
VolvoV502008MW [2003-2012] EstateEstate2.42435ccm 170HP 125KW (Petrol)
VolvoV502008MW [2003-2012] EstateEstate2.4 AWD2435ccm 170HP 125KW (Petrol)
VolvoV502008MW [2003-2012] EstateEstate2.4 D52400ccm 179HP 132KW (Diesel)
VolvoV502008MW [2003-2012] EstateEstate2.4 TDI2400ccm 163HP 120KW (Diesel)
VolvoV502008MW [2003-2012] EstateEstateT52521ccm 230HP 169KW (Petrol)
VolvoV502009545 [2003-2012] EstateEstate1.8 Bi-Fuel1798ccm 126HP 93KW (Petrol/Petroleum Gas (LPG))
VolvoV502009545 [2003-2012] EstateEstate1.8 Flex-Fuel1798ccm 125HP 92KW (Petrol/Ethanol)
VolvoV502009545 [2003-2012] EstateEstateT5 AWD2521ccm 230HP 169KW (Petrol)
VolvoV502009MW [2003-2012] EstateEstate1.61596ccm 101HP 74KW (Petrol)
VolvoV502009MW [2003-2012] EstateEstate1.6 D1560ccm 109HP 80KW (Diesel)
VolvoV502009MW [2003-2012] EstateEstate1.6 D1560ccm 110HP 81KW (Diesel)
VolvoV502009MW [2003-2012] EstateEstate1.81798ccm 125HP 92KW (Petrol)
VolvoV502009MW [2003-2012] EstateEstate2.01999ccm 146HP 107KW (Petrol)
VolvoV502009MW [2003-2012] EstateEstate2.0 D1997ccm 136HP 100KW (Diesel)
VolvoV502009MW [2003-2012] EstateEstate2.42435ccm 140HP 103KW (Petrol)
VolvoV502009MW [2003-2012] EstateEstate2.42435ccm 170HP 125KW (Petrol)
VolvoV502009MW [2003-2012] EstateEstate2.4 AWD2435ccm 170HP 125KW (Petrol)
VolvoV502009MW [2003-2012] EstateEstate2.4 D52400ccm 179HP 132KW (Diesel)
VolvoV502009MW [2003-2012] EstateEstate2.4 TDI2400ccm 163HP 120KW (Diesel)
VolvoV502009MW [2003-2012] EstateEstateT52521ccm 230HP 169KW (Petrol)
VolvoV502010545 [2003-2012] EstateEstate1.8 Bi-Fuel1798ccm 126HP 93KW (Petrol/Petroleum Gas (LPG))
VolvoV502010545 [2003-2012] EstateEstate1.8 Flex-Fuel1798ccm 125HP 92KW (Petrol/Ethanol)
VolvoV502010545 [2003-2012] EstateEstateT5 AWD2521ccm 230HP 169KW (Petrol)
VolvoV502010MW [2003-2012] EstateEstate1.61596ccm 101HP 74KW (Petrol)
VolvoV502010MW [2003-2012] EstateEstate1.6 D1560ccm 109HP 80KW (Diesel)
VolvoV502010MW [2003-2012] EstateEstate1.6 D1560ccm 110HP 81KW (Diesel)
VolvoV502010MW [2003-2012] EstateEstate1.6 D21560ccm 114HP 84KW (Diesel)
VolvoV502010MW [2003-2012] EstateEstate1.81798ccm 125HP 92KW (Petrol)
VolvoV502010MW [2003-2012] EstateEstate2.01999ccm 146HP 107KW (Petrol)
VolvoV502010MW [2003-2012] EstateEstate2.0 D1997ccm 136HP 100KW (Diesel)
VolvoV502010MW [2003-2012] EstateEstate2.0 FlexFuel1999ccm 146HP 107KW (Petrol/Ethanol)
VolvoV502010MW [2003-2012] EstateEstate2.42435ccm 140HP 103KW (Petrol)
VolvoV502010MW [2003-2012] EstateEstate2.42435ccm 170HP 125KW (Petrol)
VolvoV502010MW [2003-2012] EstateEstate2.4 D52400ccm 179HP 132KW (Diesel)
VolvoV502010MW [2003-2012] EstateEstate2.4 TDI2400ccm 163HP 120KW (Diesel)
VolvoV502010MW [2003-2012] EstateEstateD31984ccm 150HP 110KW (Diesel)
VolvoV502010MW [2003-2012] EstateEstateD41984ccm 177HP 130KW (Diesel)
VolvoV502010MW [2003-2012] EstateEstateT52521ccm 230HP 169KW (Petrol)
VolvoV502011MW [2003-2012] EstateEstate1.61596ccm 101HP 74KW (Petrol)
VolvoV502011MW [2003-2012] EstateEstate1.6 D1560ccm 109HP 80KW (Diesel)
VolvoV502011MW [2003-2012] EstateEstate1.6 D1560ccm 110HP 81KW (Diesel)
VolvoV502011MW [2003-2012] EstateEstate1.6 D21560ccm 114HP 84KW (Diesel)
VolvoV502011MW [2003-2012] EstateEstate2.01999ccm 146HP 107KW (Petrol)
VolvoV502011MW [2003-2012] EstateEstate2.0 FlexFuel1999ccm 146HP 107KW (Petrol/Ethanol)
VolvoV502011MW [2003-2012] EstateEstateD31984ccm 150HP 110KW (Diesel)
VolvoV502011MW [2003-2012] EstateEstateD41984ccm 177HP 130KW (Diesel)
VolvoV502011MW [2003-2012] EstateEstateT52521ccm 230HP 169KW (Petrol)
VolvoV502012MW [2003-2012] EstateEstate1.61596ccm 101HP 74KW (Petrol)
VolvoV502012MW [2003-2012] EstateEstate1.6 D1560ccm 109HP 80KW (Diesel)
VolvoV502012MW [2003-2012] EstateEstate1.6 D21560ccm 114HP 84KW (Diesel)
VolvoV502012MW [2003-2012] EstateEstate2.01999ccm 146HP 107KW (Petrol)
VolvoV502012MW [2003-2012] EstateEstate2.0 FlexFuel1999ccm 146HP 107KW (Petrol/Ethanol)
VolvoV502012MW [2003-2012] EstateEstateD31984ccm 150HP 110KW (Diesel)
VolvoV502012MW [2003-2012] EstateEstateD41984ccm 177HP 130KW (Diesel)
VolvoV502012MW [2003-2012] EstateEstateT52521ccm 230HP 169KW (Petrol)


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