COVID-19 ⚠️ Update ⚠️


Well what a few busy months it’s been, as lockdown worldwide is now being relaxed maybe we can get back to normal, or the new normal.

We have not updated the page as not much has changed since our initial posts, albeit manufacturers are doing superbly to get productions back up and running, with social distancing & safety for all, in mind.

Having worked closer with many of our suppliers during the pandemic, (via phone/email/chats etc, not in person) we have found new ways to work, helping each other to maintain logistics of stock, urgent requirements (parts for key workers) and as they say, from every bad situation can come good, which means we have managed to continue to support our customers both old and new.

In light of the above, please give the couriers and postal men and women a thumbs up on your next delivery, without them we couldn’t for-fill orders. Also a like or love on socials for your favourite Performance and OEM brands, without them we couldn’t supply the parts you need or desire. You could also give the Part Werx Facebook page a like, though we do apologise for not posting much, we’re always busy helping! tag us in your builds or stories.


We’re still open for business, despite COVID-19 ⚠️

Please go ahead and place your order as usual, though delays may occur on some brands/products/shipping.

Update 24th March 

Unfortunately, though expected, but also commendable, some manufacturers have today closed temporarily in light of the developing situation.  Forge Motorsport and Scorpion Exhausts both shut their doors for 3 weeks to ensure staff safety.  With smaller operations here at Part Werx, than some of our biggest suppliers, we were expecting this to happen at some point and actually commend them for taking the action. While we are closed to the public, due to our small team and strict measures, you can still place an order and we’ll process it safely when we can. If it’s not in stock and/or supplied by Forge or Scorpion, it’ll be shipped as soon as they recommence operations.

Update 23rd March

As per UK Gov advice;

We are working to strict online only sales, 2 Meter distancing in the warehouse with minimal staff, most staff are working from home and others where possible. No interaction with couriers, we put parcels down at our goods in/out area and staff stay back in the office while they deliver/collect with immediate sanitisation of areas after their exit/in between deliveries/collections, thus all staff and our partners are maintaining the 2 Meters social distancing or often better/more than 2M.

We have been practising social distancing and extra hygiene measures since 6th March, long before UK gov advice, and more inline with WHO.

Update 20th March

As per UK Gov advice; All staff are already working from home and also strict no social contact inline with WHO

6th-15th March

Our measures/actions to shield from the Coronavirus, protect staff and customers.

We are currently following all advice from WHO and the UK Government, as required and where possible staff are working from home with dispatch and packaging being done with strict social distancing and all packages are being left in a safe place so we are not interacting with couriers if we do have to interact we are maintaining greater distance as possible and in relation to taking precautions around COVID-19 including, regular hand washing and sanitising of areas at regular intervals and also strict and extra social distancing.  We are working to ensure less risk to our staff and customers at all times and stay ahead of advice, with measures like social distancing in operation since the 6th of March, we believe our strict practise is ensuring greater safety for us and our customers and even the wider community.

Currently our suppliers and partners are also in operation and all following advice, as we have witnessed from many communications.

At this point we are still operational and fulfilling orders.  However, we shall continue to monitor the situation and should anything change we shall notify you immediately.  We are taking our own extra measures and as long as couriers and suppliers maintain operations, we see no reason as yet to pause trading.  Note with some of the borders closing/closed across Europe there may be some delays with deliveries due to courier staff shortages though cargo has not been banned as yet, but we do not anticipate there will be more than a day or two of delays as industry like import/customs will also see staff shortages.

We do anticipate delays at some point and will duly inform you of any such delays as or when they occur.  Until then and with us all expecting some unwelcome time off, for us all, its a time to work on the project if only for a few days in the garage, so order your parts here as needed we expect to for-fill your order.


Remember to stay safe out there, stay 2 meters or more apart and wash your hands frequently!

We are available on the chat if you have any questions prior to placing an order or just fancy a chat, get us all talking.