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Part Werx website places a small cookie on your browser, as do most websites.  The purpose is quite simple, a link between you and us, this may be for one of many reasons, mostly for your benefit, some help us to improve the website but overall they aid a better shopping experience.

  • Web site knows and remembers you added that nice Suspension kit to your basket.
  • Web site knows you’re logged in and remembers you have placed an order already.
  • Website checks IP against a known hacker database (security to keep baddies out!)
  • Tells us how fast or slow the server & page load times are so we can work to keep improving the experience.
  • Lets you know we replied on Live Chat

Overall a website without cookies would struggle to function well, it’s deemed good manners to advise of cookies and a European law, however, the link that cookies provide enable features required on modern websites for the best experience.


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