FORD FIESTA MK3 SI GHIA H&R Sports Suspension Lowering Springs Upgrade F/R40mm

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TO FIT; ALL models except XR2i,RS TURBO, Diesel

Product Overview;   H&R sports springs will transform the appearance of your car from the outside and the handling and driving sensation from the inside.   By using H&R sport springs it will massively improve the appearance of your vehicle, getting rid of some of that huge gap between your tyres and wheel arches will help to make your pride and joy stand out and look even more sleek and over all much smarter.

Once fitted with H&R sports springs you will notice the huge improvements on driving characteristics and the way it handles and feels when driving. This is because H&R springs will make your car feel more like its on rails than on the road. As the centre of gravity is reduced the body roll is also reduced thus giving better handling.   H&R sports springs are made from high tension steel which is lighter and firmer than stock springs, Saving weight and also giving a firmer more sporty ride. Also the progressive spring rate design gives a much improved comfort and ride quality.

Other benefits include;

* Improved appearance of your car.

* Improved handling.

* Improved cornering.

* Reduced body roll.

* Improved comfort.

* Improved MPG/Less wind resistance.

* Lower your vehicle by approximately;

*40mm front

*40mm rear

Improve the look of your car without the expensive need for coilover kits.  

H&R sports springs are TUV approved.

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Manufacturer Part Number

Item Compatibility List

Car MakeModelCars YearVariantBodyStyleCars TypeEngine Notes
FordFiesta1989MK III [1989-1997] HatchbackHatchback1.01001ccm 45HP 33KW (Petrol)
FordFiesta1989MK III [1989-1997] HatchbackHatchback1.11119ccm 50HP 37KW (Petrol)
FordFiesta1989MK III [1989-1997] HatchbackHatchback1.11119ccm 55HP 40KW (Petrol)
FordFiesta1989MK III [1989-1997] HatchbackHatchback1.31297ccm 60HP 44KW (Petrol)
FordFiesta1989MK III [1989-1997] HatchbackHatchback1.31299ccm 60HP 44KW (Petrol)
FordFiesta1989MK III [1989-1997] HatchbackHatchback1.41391ccm 71HP 52KW (Petrol)
FordFiesta1989MK III [1989-1997] HatchbackHatchback1.41391ccm 73HP 54KW (Petrol)
FordFiesta1989MK III [1989-1997] HatchbackHatchback1.4 CAT1391ccm 73HP 54KW (Petrol)
FordFiesta1989MK III [1989-1997] HatchbackHatchback1.61597ccm 88HP 65KW (Petrol)
FordFiesta1989MK III [1989-1997] HatchbackHatchback1.61597ccm 90HP 66KW (Petrol)
FordFiesta1990MK III [1989-1997] HatchbackHatchback1.01001ccm 45HP 33KW (Petrol)
FordFiesta1990MK III [1989-1997] HatchbackHatchback1.11119ccm 50HP 37KW (Petrol)
FordFiesta1990MK III [1989-1997] HatchbackHatchback1.11119ccm 55HP 40KW (Petrol)
FordFiesta1990MK III [1989-1997] HatchbackHatchback1.31297ccm 60HP 44KW (Petrol)
FordFiesta1990MK III [1989-1997] HatchbackHatchback1.31299ccm 60HP 44KW (Petrol)
FordFiesta1990MK III [1989-1997] HatchbackHatchback1.41391ccm 71HP 52KW (Petrol)
FordFiesta1990MK III [1989-1997] HatchbackHatchback1.41391ccm 73HP 54KW (Petrol)
FordFiesta1990MK III [1989-1997] HatchbackHatchback1.4 CAT1391ccm 73HP 54KW (Petrol)
FordFiesta1990MK III [1989-1997] HatchbackHatchback1.61597ccm 88HP 65KW (Petrol)
FordFiesta1990MK III [1989-1997] HatchbackHatchback1.61597ccm 90HP 66KW (Petrol)
FordFiesta1991MK III [1989-1997] HatchbackHatchback1.01001ccm 45HP 33KW (Petrol)
FordFiesta1991MK III [1989-1997] HatchbackHatchback1.11119ccm 50HP 37KW (Petrol)
FordFiesta1991MK III [1989-1997] HatchbackHatchback1.11119ccm 55HP 40KW (Petrol)
FordFiesta1991MK III [1989-1997] HatchbackHatchback1.31297ccm 60HP 44KW (Petrol)
FordFiesta1991MK III [1989-1997] HatchbackHatchback1.31299ccm 60HP 44KW (Petrol)
FordFiesta1991MK III [1989-1997] HatchbackHatchback1.3 CAT1299ccm 60HP 44KW (Petrol)
FordFiesta1991MK III [1989-1997] HatchbackHatchback1.41391ccm 71HP 52KW (Petrol)
FordFiesta1991MK III [1989-1997] HatchbackHatchback1.41391ccm 73HP 54KW (Petrol)
FordFiesta1991MK III [1989-1997] HatchbackHatchback1.4 CAT1391ccm 73HP 54KW (Petrol)
FordFiesta1991MK III [1989-1997] HatchbackHatchback1.61597ccm 88HP 65KW (Petrol)
FordFiesta1991MK III [1989-1997] HatchbackHatchback1.61597ccm 90HP 66KW (Petrol)
FordFiesta1992MK III [1989-1997] HatchbackHatchback1.01001ccm 45HP 33KW (Petrol)
FordFiesta1992MK III [1989-1997] HatchbackHatchback1.11119ccm 50HP 37KW (Petrol)
FordFiesta1992MK III [1989-1997] HatchbackHatchback1.11119ccm 55HP 40KW (Petrol)
FordFiesta1992MK III [1989-1997] HatchbackHatchback1.31297ccm 60HP 44KW (Petrol)
FordFiesta1992MK III [1989-1997] HatchbackHatchback1.31299ccm 60HP 44KW (Petrol)
FordFiesta1992MK III [1989-1997] HatchbackHatchback1.3 CAT1299ccm 60HP 44KW (Petrol)
FordFiesta1992MK III [1989-1997] HatchbackHatchback1.41391ccm 71HP 52KW (Petrol)
FordFiesta1992MK III [1989-1997] HatchbackHatchback1.41391ccm 73HP 54KW (Petrol)
FordFiesta1992MK III [1989-1997] HatchbackHatchback1.41392ccm 75HP 55KW (Petrol)
FordFiesta1992MK III [1989-1997] HatchbackHatchback1.4 CAT1391ccm 73HP 54KW (Petrol)
FordFiesta1992MK III [1989-1997] HatchbackHatchback1.61597ccm 88HP 65KW (Petrol)
FordFiesta1992MK III [1989-1997] HatchbackHatchback1.61597ccm 90HP 66KW (Petrol)
FordFiesta1993MK III [1989-1997] HatchbackHatchback1.01001ccm 45HP 33KW (Petrol)
FordFiesta1993MK III [1989-1997] HatchbackHatchback1.11119ccm 50HP 37KW (Petrol)
FordFiesta1993MK III [1989-1997] HatchbackHatchback1.11119ccm 55HP 40KW (Petrol)
FordFiesta1993MK III [1989-1997] HatchbackHatchback1.31297ccm 60HP 44KW (Petrol)
FordFiesta1993MK III [1989-1997] HatchbackHatchback1.3 CAT1299ccm 60HP 44KW (Petrol)
FordFiesta1993MK III [1989-1997] HatchbackHatchback1.41391ccm 71HP 52KW (Petrol)
FordFiesta1993MK III [1989-1997] HatchbackHatchback1.41391ccm 73HP 54KW (Petrol)
FordFiesta1993MK III [1989-1997] HatchbackHatchback1.41392ccm 75HP 55KW (Petrol)
FordFiesta1993MK III [1989-1997] HatchbackHatchback1.4 CAT1391ccm 73HP 54KW (Petrol)
FordFiesta1993MK III [1989-1997] HatchbackHatchback1.61597ccm 88HP 65KW (Petrol)
FordFiesta1994MK III [1989-1997] HatchbackHatchback1.01001ccm 45HP 33KW (Petrol)
FordFiesta1994MK III [1989-1997] HatchbackHatchback1.11119ccm 50HP 37KW (Petrol)
FordFiesta1994MK III [1989-1997] HatchbackHatchback1.11119ccm 55HP 40KW (Petrol)
FordFiesta1994MK III [1989-1997] HatchbackHatchback1.31297ccm 60HP 44KW (Petrol)
FordFiesta1994MK III [1989-1997] HatchbackHatchback1.3 CAT1299ccm 60HP 44KW (Petrol)
FordFiesta1994MK III [1989-1997] HatchbackHatchback1.41391ccm 71HP 52KW (Petrol)
FordFiesta1994MK III [1989-1997] HatchbackHatchback1.41391ccm 73HP 54KW (Petrol)
FordFiesta1994MK III [1989-1997] HatchbackHatchback1.41392ccm 75HP 55KW (Petrol)
FordFiesta1994MK III [1989-1997] HatchbackHatchback1.4 CAT1391ccm 73HP 54KW (Petrol)
FordFiesta1994MK III [1989-1997] HatchbackHatchback1.61597ccm 88HP 65KW (Petrol)
FordFiesta1994MK III [1989-1997] HatchbackHatchback1.6i 16V1597ccm 88HP 65KW (Petrol)
FordFiesta1995MK III [1989-1997] HatchbackHatchback1.01001ccm 45HP 33KW (Petrol)
FordFiesta1995MK III [1989-1997] HatchbackHatchback1.11119ccm 50HP 37KW (Petrol)
FordFiesta1995MK III [1989-1997] HatchbackHatchback1.11119ccm 55HP 40KW (Petrol)
FordFiesta1995MK III [1989-1997] HatchbackHatchback1.31297ccm 60HP 44KW (Petrol)
FordFiesta1995MK III [1989-1997] HatchbackHatchback1.3 CAT1299ccm 60HP 44KW (Petrol)
FordFiesta1995MK III [1989-1997] HatchbackHatchback1.41391ccm 71HP 52KW (Petrol)
FordFiesta1995MK III [1989-1997] HatchbackHatchback1.41391ccm 73HP 54KW (Petrol)
FordFiesta1995MK III [1989-1997] HatchbackHatchback1.41392ccm 75HP 55KW (Petrol)
FordFiesta1995MK III [1989-1997] HatchbackHatchback1.4 CAT1391ccm 73HP 54KW (Petrol)
FordFiesta1995MK III [1989-1997] HatchbackHatchback1.6i 16V1597ccm 88HP 65KW (Petrol)
FordFiesta1996MK III [1989-1997] HatchbackHatchback1.3 CAT1299ccm 60HP 44KW (Petrol)
FordFiesta1996MK III [1989-1997] HatchbackHatchback1.41392ccm 75HP 55KW (Petrol)
FordFiesta1997MK III [1989-1997] HatchbackHatchback1.3 CAT1299ccm 60HP 44KW (Petrol)


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