Universal Forge Motorsport Performance Alloy Intercooler – 100 Series

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Universal Forge Motorsport Performance Alloy Intercooler – 100 Series

Brand New Genuine Forge Motorsport Performance Parts & Accessories

Universal 100 Series Alloy Intercoolers – 60mm Core

Forced induction (compression of inlet air) produces heat. Heat can reduce power thus negating some of the benefits of forced induction in the first place. Incorporating an intercooler between the compressor and the plenum chamber greatly reduces the adverse effects of elevated air inlet temperatures. Forge Motorsport’s range of universal intercoolers begins with efficient cores sized to fit many forced induction applications. From there, a wide selection of end tank configurations offers numerous installation solutions. Using the highest quality cores, hand fabricated and welded by highly skilled craftsmen, Forge’s intercoolers offer excellent thermal properties, flow characteristics, minimal pressure drop and high volumetric efficiency.

We cannot advise if these intercoolers will fit your vehicle. Forge produce vehicle specific intercooler kits for many vehicles but not all. For vehicles that are not covered in Forge’s range or where the vehicle is “non-standard,” Forge’s Universal range can provide the perfect solution.

A good starting point is to determine the physical space available to mount an intercooler and use the dimension tables to ascertain what will fit. Then looking at the type variants (position of the connecting tubes, and diameter, on the intercooler) decide how the hoses need to be routed and connect.
Also, consider how the intercooler will be secured or mounted. In nearly all cases, when utilising a Universal intercooler, the installer will require a suitable level of technical ability. Finally, if you think that the only answer would be a custom made intercooler, we will be happy to quote you for this, however, we will require a dimensional drawing of what you require before we can do so.


Tube Diameters 

  • 51mm
  • 57mm
  • 63.5mm

** Please state at checkout which Type of intercooler you require, which Tube Diameter you require and if you require M8 Threaded Boss Mountings or Angular Brackets. **


Often made to order

We recommend all parts are fitted by a qualified mechanic to ensure the correct fitment, though this kit does include fitting instructions

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