Milltek Sport Resonated Turbo Back Exhaust De Cat for Renault Megane Renault Sport 250 265

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Milltek Sport Resonated Turbo Back Exhaust De Cat for Renault Megane Renault Sport 250 265

Genuine Brand New Milltek Sport Turbo Back Exhaust

  • Milltek Sport Resonated Turbo Back Exhaust
  • Excluding Hi Flow Sports Cat
  • High Quality 304 Aircraft Grade Stainless Steel
  • Improved Performance + Throttle Response

Quieter – (this is a resonated system,quieter than non resonated, if you want the louder non resonated system please see other listing)

By fitting Milltek exhaust components you can rest assured that these are very high quality, high-performance parts that will in most cases outlive the car

  • You will notice gains in performance and throttle response

Milltek Sport exhausts are made from high-quality type 304 aircraft-grade stainless steel that is anti-magnetic and is less susceptible to discolouration. This quality of stainless steel is used on all pipework and the total construction of the silencer

Mandrel bending ensures full flow bends for better gas flow and Milltek systems are increased in bore to ensure ultimate performance without the loss of mid-range torque

Included Parts in SSXRN418 Turbo Back

  • MSRN138: Primary Catalyst Replacement Pipe Assembly
  • MSRN128: Downpipe Assembly
  • MSRN133: Resonated Link Pipe Assembly
  • MSRN130: Over-Axle Pipe
  • MSRN131: Rear Silencer Assembly
  • MSRN132: Silencer-to-OE Tip Connecting Pipe: Ceramic-Black

Pipe Ø: 3.00″ (76.20mm)

Fits: Renault Mégane Renaultsport 250 and 265 (including Cup) 2010 to 2017

We recommend all exhaust parts are fitted by a qualified mechanic to ensure the correct fitment

Delivery can be from 3 days to 2 weeks stock depending/production

Please contact us before purchase, if you have a schedule to work to

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Weight 65 lbs
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