Interactive Early Educational Learning Toy Magical Unicorn Speak & Repeat React

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Interactive Early Educational Learning Toy Magical Unicorn Speak & Repeat React

Brand New Pets Alive Unicorn, made by Zuru. Not to be biased towards  boys with car models and RC models listed in our shop, here we also have the unicorns for the girlie girls or for the boys who are not interested in cars and models.   The unicorn listens, Speak and I speak back, the kids will love it. 

Product Overview:

Pets Alive ‘My Magical Unicorn’, as seen on Tv and YouTube, toy that is equipped with accessories and interactive feature. Reacts to Touch, Motion & Sound. Your very own pet unicorn that comes alive! Discover the magic of your very own pet unicorn! Speak and she repeats what you say. Blow her a kiss and she’ll kiss you back. Pet her nose and she falls asleep. She also plays songs, cute sounds and has a magic horn that really lights up.

  • Brush My Hair!
  • Blow Me A Kiss!
  • I Fall Asleep
  • My Magical Horn Lights Up!
  • Speak And I Repeat
  • I Car Car Car Make Over 20 Magical Songs & Sounds


Interactive unicorn toy with over 20 different functions. Stroke the unicorn and its horn will light up before the cute creature makes one of several possible sound effects. Pose the legs in different positions and the unicorn will react in kind, even falling asleep when placed flat. Hold down the magical star on the its back and speak to it, then release the button and the unicorn will repeat back what was said. The set includes a carrot to feed it. The long flowing hair can be styled in a variety of ways too.

  • Interactive purple unicorn toy
  • Over 20 ways to interact with it
  • Makes sounds and horn illuminates
  • Pose-able legs
  • Can repeat what you say
  • Carrot and necklace accessories
  • 3+

Zuru Pets Alive Unicorn Playset – YouTube

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