FORD VAUXHALL Inline or in tank Fuel Catalyst Additive stop stale gumming Fuel

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FORD VAUXHALL INLINE OR IN TANK FUEL CATALYST ADDATIVE STOP STALE GUMMING FUEL Select your Fuel Cat using the drop down menu and according to engine size cc and type required. In tank or inline is available and suitable for various engine sizes.   Brand New   Product Overview; * Improved engine horsepower/torque. * Fits all makes and models,allpetrol and diesel engines. * Improved fuel economy saving between 8-16% on average. * More miles per gallon. * Permanent octane booster-no need to buy expensive 98/99ron fuel or additives. * Lower emissions/smoke. * Easier starting. * Eliminates the needof fuel additives. * Allows any petrol leaded or 5starto run on unleaded without any timing adjustments. * Engines run Smoother, quieter andmore efficiently. * Prevents carbon build up in the engine so the engine is cleaner due toFuelcats fuel cellcarbon cleaning properties. * Prolong engine life. * Lasts up to 400.000km/10 years. * Reduces pinking. * Increase the life of your catalytic converter which is very costly to replace. * Eliminates flat spots. * No more stale/gumming fuel. *Helps maintain engine and fuel system. * Inline or in-tank versions available.   Simply put 'inside' your fuel tank or fit 'inline' to receive all these benefits.   Fuelcat fuel cell is a inline/intank fuel catalyst that is a permanent octane booster, which enhances combustion and at the same timecleans the carbon deposits in the combustion chambers.   Fuelcat fuel cells have a chemical which reacts instantly when fuel is flowing through, thisincreasesthe temperature andspeed of the burn whichishow theengine power and efficiency is boosted.   In todays driving conditions a lot of stop/starts can occur which can cause carbon deposits to build up in your engine due to incomplete burning cycles. This unit dissolves excess carbon so the engine runs more efficiently and oil stays cleaner for longer.   Very effective engine and fuel system cleaner. Particularly effective for; *Injector needles * Injector nozzles * Valves * Piston rings * Piston crown * Oil contamination   After the first 2,000km of using FUEL CAT, Please check you roil in your engine as it may become particularly dirty as it removes carbon deposits from the engine. All you have to do is change the engine oil and filter. After that it should stay noticeably cleaner for a longer period.   The FUEL CATis a catalyst which causes chemical reactions among fuel molecules at low temperatures, it then returns them to their original state at the conclusion of the reaction ready to initiate a new sequence.Fuel molecules have a tendency to cluster together. At the point of combustion, the outer molecules protect the inner molecules from being covered with oxygen, resulting in some of the inner molecules going un-burned and blowing out from the exhaust as emissions.When fuel is passed through the FUEL CAT fuel catalyst just prior to combustion, a reaction occurs which separates the clustered molecules so more of the fuel molecules surface area is exposed to oxygen at the time of combustion. A comparison would be if you put a piece of charcoal in a furnace for 30 seconds. The result: the oxygen only surrounds the outside of the charcoal only allowing the outside of the charcoal to burn. The oxygen does not reach the core of the charcoal as it was protected by the outer layer. If you crushed the similar-sized charcoal into a powder, spread it out and place it into a furnace for 30 seconds, more of the surface of the charcoal would be exposed to the oxygen and a larger percentage of the charcoal would be burned. This is what happens as the fuel passes through the FUEL CAT fuel catalyst. Clustered fuel molecules are separated so more oxygen can cover a larger surface area of the fuel molecules at the point of combustion.The more fuel burned, the more energy created and less un-burned fuel will be emitted out from exhaust in turn reducing pollution. A more efficient burn results in less fuel required.   A cleaner burn means better oil chemistry and cleaner engine parts resulting in reduced maintenance.   One Fuel cat fuel cell is all you will need and will fit up to 65l fuel tank.   Guaranteed tomake a difference.

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