APEX Suspension Lowering Springs Lowers 30mm Fits Nissan Tiida 1.6-1.8

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APEX Suspension Lowering Springs Lowers 30mm Fits Nissan Tiida 1.6-1.8

APEX® is a specialised suspension company that designs and produces its own springs

Better handling, ride and refinement can only be achieved by a dedicated specialist like APEX®, who has all the knowledge in house, from experienced shock and spring-specialists to test drivers with race experience.

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This kit Lowers by 30 mm

(European Customers Please Note : APEX Lowering Spring Kits are TUV Approved)

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Please contact us before purchase if unsure of correct vehicle fitment or if you have any questions.

Dispatch will be 2-3 working days after payment has been received, stock levels depending

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Weight10 lbs
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Item Compatibility List

Car MakeModelCars YearVariantBodyStyleCars TypeEngine Notes
NissanTiida2004-- [2004-2011] HatchbackHatchback1.51498ccm 109HP 80KW (Petrol)
NissanTiida2005-- [2004-2011] HatchbackHatchback1.51498ccm 109HP 80KW (Petrol)
NissanTiida2006-- [2004-2011] HatchbackHatchback1.51498ccm 109HP 80KW (Petrol)
NissanTiida2006SC11X [2006-2016] SaloonSaloon1.81797ccm 129HP 95KW (Petrol)
NissanTiida2007-- [2004-2011] HatchbackHatchback1.51498ccm 109HP 80KW (Petrol)
NissanTiida2007-- [2004-2011] HatchbackHatchback1.81797ccm 106HP 78KW (Petrol)
NissanTiida2007C11X [2007-2016] HatchbackHatchback1.5 dCi1461ccm 106HP 78KW (Diesel)
NissanTiida2007C11X [2007-2016] HatchbackHatchback1.61598ccm 110HP 81KW (Petrol)
NissanTiida2007C11X [2007-2016] HatchbackHatchback1.81798ccm 126HP 93KW (Petrol)
NissanTiida2007SC11X [2006-2016] SaloonSaloon1.5 dCi1461ccm 106HP 78KW (Diesel)
NissanTiida2007SC11X [2006-2016] SaloonSaloon1.61598ccm 110HP 81KW (Petrol)
NissanTiida2007SC11X [2006-2016] SaloonSaloon1.81798ccm 126HP 93KW (Petrol)
NissanTiida2007SC11X [2006-2016] SaloonSaloon1.81797ccm 106HP 78KW (Petrol)
NissanTiida2007SC11X [2006-2016] SaloonSaloon1.81797ccm 129HP 95KW (Petrol)
NissanTiida2008-- [2004-2011] HatchbackHatchback1.81797ccm 106HP 78KW (Petrol)
NissanTiida2008C11X [2007-2016] HatchbackHatchback1.5 dCi1461ccm 106HP 78KW (Diesel)
NissanTiida2008C11X [2007-2016] HatchbackHatchback1.61598ccm 110HP 81KW (Petrol)
NissanTiida2008C11X [2007-2016] HatchbackHatchback1.81798ccm 126HP 93KW (Petrol)
NissanTiida2008SC11X [2006-2016] SaloonSaloon1.5 dCi1461ccm 106HP 78KW (Diesel)
NissanTiida2008SC11X [2006-2016] SaloonSaloon1.61598ccm 110HP 81KW (Petrol)
NissanTiida2008SC11X [2006-2016] SaloonSaloon1.81798ccm 126HP 93KW (Petrol)
NissanTiida2008SC11X [2006-2016] SaloonSaloon1.81797ccm 106HP 78KW (Petrol)
NissanTiida2008SC11X [2006-2016] SaloonSaloon1.81797ccm 129HP 95KW (Petrol)
NissanTiida2009-- [2004-2011] HatchbackHatchback1.81797ccm 106HP 78KW (Petrol)
NissanTiida2009-- [2004-2011] HatchbackHatchback1.8 Flex 4x41797ccm 106HP 78KW (Petrol)
NissanTiida2009C11X [2007-2016] HatchbackHatchback1.5 dCi1461ccm 106HP 78KW (Diesel)
NissanTiida2009C11X [2007-2016] HatchbackHatchback1.61598ccm 110HP 81KW (Petrol)
NissanTiida2009C11X [2007-2016] HatchbackHatchback1.81798ccm 126HP 93KW (Petrol)
NissanTiida2009SC11X [2006-2016] SaloonSaloon1.5 dCi1461ccm 106HP 78KW (Diesel)
NissanTiida2009SC11X [2006-2016] SaloonSaloon1.61598ccm 110HP 81KW (Petrol)
NissanTiida2009SC11X [2006-2016] SaloonSaloon1.81798ccm 126HP 93KW (Petrol)
NissanTiida2009SC11X [2006-2016] SaloonSaloon1.81797ccm 106HP 78KW (Petrol)
NissanTiida2009SC11X [2006-2016] SaloonSaloon1.81797ccm 129HP 95KW (Petrol)
NissanTiida2010-- [2004-2011] HatchbackHatchback1.81797ccm 106HP 78KW (Petrol)
NissanTiida2010-- [2004-2011] HatchbackHatchback1.8 Flex 4x41797ccm 106HP 78KW (Petrol)
NissanTiida2010C11X [2007-2016] HatchbackHatchback1.5 dCi1461ccm 106HP 78KW (Diesel)
NissanTiida2010C11X [2007-2016] HatchbackHatchback1.61598ccm 110HP 81KW (Petrol)
NissanTiida2010C11X [2007-2016] HatchbackHatchback1.81798ccm 126HP 93KW (Petrol)
NissanTiida2010SC11X [2006-2016] SaloonSaloon1.5 dCi1461ccm 106HP 78KW (Diesel)
NissanTiida2010SC11X [2006-2016] SaloonSaloon1.61598ccm 110HP 81KW (Petrol)
NissanTiida2010SC11X [2006-2016] SaloonSaloon1.81798ccm 126HP 93KW (Petrol)
NissanTiida2010SC11X [2006-2016] SaloonSaloon1.81797ccm 106HP 78KW (Petrol)
NissanTiida2010SC11X [2006-2016] SaloonSaloon1.81797ccm 129HP 95KW (Petrol)
NissanTiida2011-- [2004-2011] HatchbackHatchback1.81797ccm 106HP 78KW (Petrol)
NissanTiida2011-- [2004-2011] HatchbackHatchback1.8 Flex 4x41797ccm 106HP 78KW (Petrol)
NissanTiida2011C11X [2007-2016] HatchbackHatchback1.5 dCi1461ccm 106HP 78KW (Diesel)
NissanTiida2011C11X [2007-2016] HatchbackHatchback1.61598ccm 110HP 81KW (Petrol)
NissanTiida2011C11X [2007-2016] HatchbackHatchback1.81798ccm 126HP 93KW (Petrol)
NissanTiida2011C12 [2011-2016] SaloonSaloon1.61598ccm 116HP 85KW (Petrol)
NissanTiida2011SC11X [2006-2016] SaloonSaloon1.5 dCi1461ccm 106HP 78KW (Diesel)
NissanTiida2011SC11X [2006-2016] SaloonSaloon1.61598ccm 110HP 81KW (Petrol)
NissanTiida2011SC11X [2006-2016] SaloonSaloon1.81798ccm 126HP 93KW (Petrol)
NissanTiida2011SC11X [2006-2016] SaloonSaloon1.81797ccm 106HP 78KW (Petrol)
NissanTiida2011SC11X [2006-2016] SaloonSaloon1.81797ccm 129HP 95KW (Petrol)
NissanTiida2012C11X [2007-2016] HatchbackHatchback1.5 dCi1461ccm 106HP 78KW (Diesel)
NissanTiida2012C11X [2007-2016] HatchbackHatchback1.61598ccm 110HP 81KW (Petrol)
NissanTiida2012C11X [2007-2016] HatchbackHatchback1.81798ccm 126HP 93KW (Petrol)
NissanTiida2012C12 [2011-2016] SaloonSaloon1.61598ccm 116HP 85KW (Petrol)
NissanTiida2012C12 [2011-2016] SaloonSaloon1.81798ccm 131HP 96KW (Petrol)
NissanTiida2012SC11X [2006-2016] SaloonSaloon1.5 dCi1461ccm 106HP 78KW (Diesel)
NissanTiida2012SC11X [2006-2016] SaloonSaloon1.61598ccm 110HP 81KW (Petrol)
NissanTiida2012SC11X [2006-2016] SaloonSaloon1.81798ccm 126HP 93KW (Petrol)
NissanTiida2012SC11X [2006-2016] SaloonSaloon1.81797ccm 125HP 92KW (Petrol)
NissanTiida2012SC11X [2006-2016] SaloonSaloon1.81797ccm 129HP 95KW (Petrol)
NissanTiida2013C11X [2007-2016] HatchbackHatchback1.5 dCi1461ccm 106HP 78KW (Diesel)
NissanTiida2013C11X [2007-2016] HatchbackHatchback1.61598ccm 110HP 81KW (Petrol)
NissanTiida2013C11X [2007-2016] HatchbackHatchback1.81798ccm 126HP 93KW (Petrol)
NissanTiida2013C12 [2011-2016] SaloonSaloon1.61598ccm 116HP 85KW (Petrol)
NissanTiida2013C12 [2011-2016] SaloonSaloon1.81798ccm 131HP 96KW (Petrol)
NissanTiida2013SC11X [2006-2016] SaloonSaloon1.5 dCi1461ccm 106HP 78KW (Diesel)
NissanTiida2013SC11X [2006-2016] SaloonSaloon1.61598ccm 110HP 81KW (Petrol)
NissanTiida2013SC11X [2006-2016] SaloonSaloon1.81798ccm 126HP 93KW (Petrol)
NissanTiida2013SC11X [2006-2016] SaloonSaloon1.81797ccm 125HP 92KW (Petrol)
NissanTiida2013SC11X [2006-2016] SaloonSaloon1.81797ccm 129HP 95KW (Petrol)
NissanTiida2014C11X [2007-2016] HatchbackHatchback1.5 dCi1461ccm 106HP 78KW (Diesel)
NissanTiida2014C11X [2007-2016] HatchbackHatchback1.61598ccm 110HP 81KW (Petrol)
NissanTiida2014C11X [2007-2016] HatchbackHatchback1.81798ccm 126HP 93KW (Petrol)
NissanTiida2014C12 [2011-2016] SaloonSaloon1.61598ccm 116HP 85KW (Petrol)
NissanTiida2014C12 [2011-2016] SaloonSaloon1.81798ccm 131HP 96KW (Petrol)
NissanTiida2014SC11X [2006-2016] SaloonSaloon1.5 dCi1461ccm 106HP 78KW (Diesel)
NissanTiida2014SC11X [2006-2016] SaloonSaloon1.61598ccm 110HP 81KW (Petrol)
NissanTiida2014SC11X [2006-2016] SaloonSaloon1.81798ccm 126HP 93KW (Petrol)
NissanTiida2014SC11X [2006-2016] SaloonSaloon1.81797ccm 125HP 92KW (Petrol)
NissanTiida2014SC11X [2006-2016] SaloonSaloon1.81797ccm 129HP 95KW (Petrol)
NissanTiida2015C11X [2007-2016] HatchbackHatchback1.5 dCi1461ccm 106HP 78KW (Diesel)
NissanTiida2015C11X [2007-2016] HatchbackHatchback1.61598ccm 110HP 81KW (Petrol)
NissanTiida2015C11X [2007-2016] HatchbackHatchback1.81798ccm 126HP 93KW (Petrol)
NissanTiida2015C12 [2011-2016] SaloonSaloon1.61598ccm 116HP 85KW (Petrol)
NissanTiida2015C12 [2011-2016] SaloonSaloon1.81798ccm 131HP 96KW (Petrol)
NissanTiida2015SC11X [2006-2016] SaloonSaloon1.5 dCi1461ccm 106HP 78KW (Diesel)
NissanTiida2015SC11X [2006-2016] SaloonSaloon1.61598ccm 110HP 81KW (Petrol)
NissanTiida2015SC11X [2006-2016] SaloonSaloon1.81798ccm 126HP 93KW (Petrol)
NissanTiida2015SC11X [2006-2016] SaloonSaloon1.81797ccm 125HP 92KW (Petrol)
NissanTiida2015SC11X [2006-2016] SaloonSaloon1.81797ccm 129HP 95KW (Petrol)
NissanTiida2016C11X [2007-2016] HatchbackHatchback1.5 dCi1461ccm 106HP 78KW (Diesel)
NissanTiida2016C11X [2007-2016] HatchbackHatchback1.61598ccm 110HP 81KW (Petrol)
NissanTiida2016C11X [2007-2016] HatchbackHatchback1.81798ccm 126HP 93KW (Petrol)
NissanTiida2016C12 [2011-2016] SaloonSaloon1.61598ccm 116HP 85KW (Petrol)
NissanTiida2016C12 [2011-2016] SaloonSaloon1.81798ccm 131HP 96KW (Petrol)
NissanTiida2016SC11X [2006-2016] SaloonSaloon1.5 dCi1461ccm 106HP 78KW (Diesel)
NissanTiida2016SC11X [2006-2016] SaloonSaloon1.61598ccm 110HP 81KW (Petrol)
NissanTiida2016SC11X [2006-2016] SaloonSaloon1.81798ccm 126HP 93KW (Petrol)


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