Mazda RX8 Goodridge Stainless Steel Braided Brake Hoses Kit Clear New Performance Parts

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Mazda RX8 Goodridge Stainless Steel Braided Brake Hoses Kit Clear New Performance Parts

To Fit; Mazda RX8  2003 – 2006

Brand New Custom Made Upon Order

Product Overview;  

Goodridge 4 Line Brake Hose Kit with Goodridge Fitting Kit & Stickers

Stylish Design Clear Coating with Goodridge Print

MAZDA RX8 Chrome Stainless Steel Goodridge Braided Brake Hoses Kit Clear New Performance Parts

Stainless Steel Braided Hoses, with Zinc Plated End Fittings. Featuring the finest of design, Goodridge hoses feature a small internal bore hose designed for ultimate flexibility, incorporated into a strong stainless steel woven braid, ensuring little expansion of the hose through normal breaking or through heat absorption, giving far increased braking power.

Breaking efficiency gains up to 25%

Benefits of upgrading to a Goodridge Brake Hose Kit

  • Eliminate Sponginess feel of breaking
  • Little expansion, ‘bulge’, over OEM hoses
  • High Abrasion And Corrosion Resistance
  • High dissipation of Heat
  • Stainless Steel Braided Hoses
  • Zinc Steel End Fittings
  • Get the best with Goodridge Hoses, fit and forget!
  • Stainless Braided hoses and Chrome Plated fittings resist the elements
  • Tough Clear Coating

Please contact us before purchase if unsure of correct vehicle fitment or if you have any questions.

Note these are custom made to order and can take anything from 3-10 working days to be manufactured & dispatched.

See our shop for many more Performance Parts.

Additional information

Weight1.2 lbs
Dimensions25 × 10 × 40 cm

Manufacturer Part Number



Item Compatibility List

Car MakeModelCars YearVariantBodyStyleCars TypeEngine Notes
MazdaRX-82003SE, FE [2003-2012] CoupeCoupe1.31308ccm 192HP 141KW (Petrol)
MazdaRX-82003SE, FE [2003-2012] CoupeCoupe1.31308ccm 205HP 151KW (Petrol)
MazdaRX-82003SE, FE [2003-2012] CoupeCoupe1.31308ccm 231HP 170KW (Petrol)
MazdaRX-82003SE, FE [2003-2012] CoupeCoupe1.31308ccm 241HP 177KW (Petrol)
MazdaRX-82004SE, FE [2003-2012] CoupeCoupe1.31308ccm 192HP 141KW (Petrol)
MazdaRX-82004SE, FE [2003-2012] CoupeCoupe1.31308ccm 205HP 151KW (Petrol)
MazdaRX-82004SE, FE [2003-2012] CoupeCoupe1.31308ccm 231HP 170KW (Petrol)
MazdaRX-82004SE, FE [2003-2012] CoupeCoupe1.31308ccm 241HP 177KW (Petrol)
MazdaRX-82005SE, FE [2003-2012] CoupeCoupe1.31308ccm 192HP 141KW (Petrol)
MazdaRX-82005SE, FE [2003-2012] CoupeCoupe1.31308ccm 205HP 151KW (Petrol)
MazdaRX-82005SE, FE [2003-2012] CoupeCoupe1.31308ccm 231HP 170KW (Petrol)
MazdaRX-82005SE, FE [2003-2012] CoupeCoupe1.31308ccm 241HP 177KW (Petrol)
MazdaRX-82006SE, FE [2003-2012] CoupeCoupe1.31308ccm 192HP 141KW (Petrol)
MazdaRX-82006SE, FE [2003-2012] CoupeCoupe1.31308ccm 205HP 151KW (Petrol)
MazdaRX-82006SE, FE [2003-2012] CoupeCoupe1.31308ccm 231HP 170KW (Petrol)
MazdaRX-82006SE, FE [2003-2012] CoupeCoupe1.31308ccm 241HP 177KW (Petrol)


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