Shortened Drop Links 158mm M10 Roll Bar Links For Ford Galaxy MK2 WA6 Coilovers

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Shortened Drop Links 158mm M10 Roll Bar Links For Ford Galaxy MK2 WA6 Coilovers

Brand New Performance Parts

Check Size & the orientation of the end ball joints, the angle, to ensure they match your requirements! before ordering

Improved Handling – Eliminate Knocks – Improved Cornering – Reduces Body Roll

Shorter Drop Links are essential for use with lowered cars especially when using coilovers.

FK Drop Links are made to the highest standards from high quality materials.

These Drop Links in combination with lowered suspension / coilovers gives a far superior handling enhancement and will greatly improve cornering and body roll.

On certain cars it is common when lowering over 40mm that the anti roll bar can come into contact with the drive shaft. FK have designed these shortened drop links to help reduce contact between the drive shaft and front anti roll bar. The lower your car is dropped the more stress is put on the standard drop link, causing them to wear and knock.

  • Thread: M10
  • Length: 158mm From ball center to ball center
  • Angle 180 °


    • Ford Galaxy 2 (WA6) (all) fits with FK coilovers 2007 onwards

May also fit other vehicles though modification may be required if you do not check the angle and length!! They will not suit all applications. Intended for fitment with FK coilovers though may fit others. Again check angle/length.

Best quality mostly with approval | Thread M10 | From ball head center to ball head center 158mm | Angle 180 °

The shortened drop links are supplied in pairs and are a direct fit to the factory fitted longer drop links. Fitting is easy and eliminates the tapping/knocking that can occur when your lowered car drops over 40mm.

Please Note: On some other models there are two stud sizes M10 or M12. If you do not know which size your car is fitted with, you may need to measure it before purchase or contact us for help. This is for the M10 type.

Note: Please measure and ensure above specifications and pictures match your exact required application before ordering as these links fit many cars but some may have a different diameter or length link required depending on how the car has been modified and what coilovers are fitted. Some of the ball joints/brackets face in different ways so it is critical to compare the pictures and measure and check the angle required.

Dispatch time is 5-7 working days.

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