Genuine Ford Ka Rear Brake Caliper Carrier Bolt Brand New Genuine Ford OE Parts 96>08


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Genuine Ford Ka Rear Brake Caliper Carrier Bolt Brand New Genuine Ford OE Parts 96>08

Brand New Genuine Rear Caliper Carrier Bolt

1x Genuine Ford Rear Caliper Carrier Bolt – M10 x 25mm

Replace your worn, rusty or rounded off bolt with a brand new Genuine Ford part that is tailor-made to fit your vehicle.

These bolts can wear, rust and get rounded off over a period of time, when servicing your brakes it is a good idea to replace the bolts to ensure maximum safety.

You’ll notice the difference in materials, quality and ease of fitting with Genuine Ford Parts compared to some aftermarket parts.

Why replace with lower quality aftermarket parts, which can wear out in much less than half the time of genuine parts, when you can have the quality original parts that were designed for the car by the manufacturer as it left the factory.

Fits: Ford Ka 96>08

Please check and compare your existing part before ordering = M10 x 25mm

See our shop for more genuine and performance Ford parts

Additional information

Weight0.3 lbs

Manufacturer Part Number

Item Compatibility List

Car MakeModelCars YearVariantBodyStyleCars TypeEngine Notes
FordKA1996RB_ [1996-2009] HatchbackHatchback1.3i1299ccm 50HP 37KW (Petrol)
FordKA1996RB_ [1996-2009] HatchbackHatchback1.3i1299ccm 60HP 44KW (Petrol)
FordKA1997RB_ [1996-2009] HatchbackHatchback1.0i999ccm 52HP 38KW (Petrol)
FordKA1997RB_ [1996-2009] HatchbackHatchback1.3i1299ccm 50HP 37KW (Petrol)
FordKA1997RB_ [1996-2009] HatchbackHatchback1.3i1299ccm 60HP 44KW (Petrol)
FordKA1998RB_ [1996-2009] HatchbackHatchback1.0i999ccm 52HP 38KW (Petrol)
FordKA1998RB_ [1996-2009] HatchbackHatchback1.3i1299ccm 49HP 36KW (Petrol)
FordKA1998RB_ [1996-2009] HatchbackHatchback1.3i1299ccm 50HP 37KW (Petrol)
FordKA1998RB_ [1996-2009] HatchbackHatchback1.3i1299ccm 60HP 44KW (Petrol)
FordKA1999RB_ [1996-2009] HatchbackHatchback1.0i999ccm 52HP 38KW (Petrol)
FordKA1999RB_ [1996-2009] HatchbackHatchback1.0i999ccm 65HP 48KW (Petrol)
FordKA1999RB_ [1996-2009] HatchbackHatchback1.3i1299ccm 49HP 36KW (Petrol)
FordKA1999RB_ [1996-2009] HatchbackHatchback1.3i1299ccm 50HP 37KW (Petrol)
FordKA1999RB_ [1996-2009] HatchbackHatchback1.3i1299ccm 60HP 44KW (Petrol)
FordKA2000RB_ [1996-2009] HatchbackHatchback1.0i999ccm 65HP 48KW (Petrol)
FordKA2000RB_ [1996-2009] HatchbackHatchback1.3i1299ccm 49HP 36KW (Petrol)
FordKA2000RB_ [1996-2009] HatchbackHatchback1.3i1299ccm 50HP 37KW (Petrol)
FordKA2000RB_ [1996-2009] HatchbackHatchback1.3i1299ccm 60HP 44KW (Petrol)
FordKA2000RB_ [1996-2009] HatchbackHatchback1.61597ccm 95HP 70KW (Petrol)
FordKA2001RB_ [1996-2009] HatchbackHatchback1.0i999ccm 65HP 48KW (Petrol)
FordKA2001RB_ [1996-2009] HatchbackHatchback1.3i1299ccm 49HP 36KW (Petrol)
FordKA2001RB_ [1996-2009] HatchbackHatchback1.3i1299ccm 50HP 37KW (Petrol)
FordKA2001RB_ [1996-2009] HatchbackHatchback1.3i1299ccm 60HP 44KW (Petrol)
FordKA2001RB_ [1996-2009] HatchbackHatchback1.61597ccm 95HP 70KW (Petrol)
FordKA2002RB [2002-2005] BoxBox1.3i1299ccm 60HP 44KW (Petrol)
FordKA2002RB_ [1996-2009] HatchbackHatchback1.0i999ccm 65HP 48KW (Petrol)
FordKA2002RB_ [1996-2009] HatchbackHatchback1.3i1299ccm 49HP 36KW (Petrol)
FordKA2002RB_ [1996-2009] HatchbackHatchback1.3i1299ccm 50HP 37KW (Petrol)
FordKA2002RB_ [1996-2009] HatchbackHatchback1.3i1299ccm 60HP 44KW (Petrol)
FordKA2002RB_ [1996-2009] HatchbackHatchback1.3i1299ccm 70HP 51KW (Petrol)
FordKA2002RB_ [1996-2009] HatchbackHatchback1.61597ccm 95HP 70KW (Petrol)
FordKA2003RB [2002-2005] BoxBox1.3i1299ccm 60HP 44KW (Petrol)
FordKA2003RB_ [1996-2009] HatchbackHatchback1.3i1299ccm 49HP 36KW (Petrol)
FordKA2003RB_ [1996-2009] HatchbackHatchback1.3i1299ccm 60HP 44KW (Petrol)
FordKA2003RB_ [1996-2009] HatchbackHatchback1.3i1299ccm 70HP 51KW (Petrol)
FordKA2003RB_ [1996-2009] HatchbackHatchback1.61597ccm 95HP 70KW (Petrol)
FordKA2003RB_ [1996-2009] HatchbackHatchback1.6i1599ccm 95HP 70KW (Petrol)
FordKA2004RB [2002-2005] BoxBox1.3i1299ccm 60HP 44KW (Petrol)
FordKA2004RB_ [1996-2009] HatchbackHatchback1.3i1299ccm 49HP 36KW (Petrol)
FordKA2004RB_ [1996-2009] HatchbackHatchback1.3i1299ccm 60HP 44KW (Petrol)
FordKA2004RB_ [1996-2009] HatchbackHatchback1.3i1299ccm 70HP 51KW (Petrol)
FordKA2004RB_ [1996-2009] HatchbackHatchback1.61597ccm 95HP 70KW (Petrol)
FordKA2004RB_ [1996-2009] HatchbackHatchback1.6i1599ccm 95HP 70KW (Petrol)
FordKA2005RB [2002-2005] BoxBox1.3i1299ccm 60HP 44KW (Petrol)
FordKA2005RB_ [1996-2009] HatchbackHatchback1.3i1299ccm 49HP 36KW (Petrol)
FordKA2005RB_ [1996-2009] HatchbackHatchback1.3i1299ccm 60HP 44KW (Petrol)
FordKA2005RB_ [1996-2009] HatchbackHatchback1.3i1299ccm 70HP 51KW (Petrol)
FordKA2005RB_ [1996-2009] HatchbackHatchback1.61597ccm 95HP 70KW (Petrol)
FordKA2005RB_ [1996-2009] HatchbackHatchback1.6i1599ccm 95HP 70KW (Petrol)
FordKA2006RB_ [1996-2009] HatchbackHatchback1.3i1299ccm 49HP 36KW (Petrol)
FordKA2006RB_ [1996-2009] HatchbackHatchback1.3i1299ccm 60HP 44KW (Petrol)
FordKA2006RB_ [1996-2009] HatchbackHatchback1.3i1299ccm 70HP 51KW (Petrol)
FordKA2006RB_ [1996-2009] HatchbackHatchback1.61597ccm 95HP 70KW (Petrol)
FordKA2006RB_ [1996-2009] HatchbackHatchback1.61598ccm 92HP 68KW (Petrol)
FordKA2006RB_ [1996-2009] HatchbackHatchback1.6i1599ccm 95HP 70KW (Petrol)
FordKA2007RB_ [1996-2009] HatchbackHatchback1.3i1299ccm 49HP 36KW (Petrol)
FordKA2007RB_ [1996-2009] HatchbackHatchback1.3i1299ccm 60HP 44KW (Petrol)
FordKA2007RB_ [1996-2009] HatchbackHatchback1.3i1299ccm 70HP 51KW (Petrol)
FordKA2007RB_ [1996-2009] HatchbackHatchback1.61597ccm 95HP 70KW (Petrol)
FordKA2007RB_ [1996-2009] HatchbackHatchback1.61598ccm 92HP 68KW (Petrol)
FordKA2007RB_ [1996-2009] HatchbackHatchback1.6i1599ccm 95HP 70KW (Petrol)
FordKA2008RB_ [1996-2009] HatchbackHatchback1.3i1299ccm 49HP 36KW (Petrol)
FordKA2008RB_ [1996-2009] HatchbackHatchback1.3i1299ccm 60HP 44KW (Petrol)
FordKA2008RB_ [1996-2009] HatchbackHatchback1.3i1299ccm 70HP 51KW (Petrol)
FordKA2008RB_ [1996-2009] HatchbackHatchback1.61597ccm 95HP 70KW (Petrol)
FordKA2008RB_ [1996-2009] HatchbackHatchback1.6i1599ccm 95HP 70KW (Petrol)
FordKA2009RB_ [1996-2009] HatchbackHatchback1.3i1299ccm 49HP 36KW (Petrol)
FordKA2009RB_ [1996-2009] HatchbackHatchback1.3i1299ccm 60HP 44KW (Petrol)
FordKA2009RB_ [1996-2009] HatchbackHatchback1.3i1299ccm 70HP 51KW (Petrol)


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