Used Pre Owned Air Lift V2 Management for Bags, drop lows slammed. Look at this before buying.


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Before buying a used Air Lift V2 kit, read this.

Disclaimer: for informational/promotional purposes only: If you buy this item, you’ll receive a Air lift promotional item… It is for information purposes, to help you and others from having any issues with your Air Lift purchase.

Ok, so you’re planning on buying a used Air Lift V2, it’s a super bit of kit, and until recently we would have said it was a great idea.

But Air Lift recently (6months ago or so) discontinued the V2 Management, so if you should buy used, and yes if it fails, (few if’s here) then you’re stuck, maybe really stuck …

Air Lift Performance will only honour the original buyer (like most manufacturers) and if within warranty period and assuming all install was done to suitable standards with proof, as detailed in the original instructions, then most likely you’d be covered under warranty, great, you’re sorted..

But if you bought used on the other hand, parts are no longer available, as rightly so, any such spares ALP do have, would be retained for the original owners/warranty.

Long and short think twice before buying used, if it fails. Can you afford to replace it? Do you want guarantee of supply of parts for repair or replacement if parts can’t be provided/can’t be fixed. Original buyers get all that and more.

It may be wise to consider buying new and save yourself any potential hassle in the long run and a potential unexpected layout of a wedge of cash… None of us need that, right?

If new might be an option you’d now consider, then look no further than the New Air lift Performance 3S management, the NEW little brother to the Worlds best and Top of the range management, Air Lift Performance 3P/3H management.  (Find it in our shop)

Air Lift’s new entry level 3S may be a very wise choice. With APP control and wired controller options, it’s a superb replacement for the older V2. Moving with the times of features such as APP control, the old V2 sure had to go and with 3S it was no doubt a natural move, that’s right, with 3S you can control it from your phone and compared with a used V2, a no brainer. (see the comparison picture to decide what’s better about 3S, 3P & 3H)

New features/full warranty versus old features and no warranty.

We won’t go over all the details of 3S/3P/3H, see the listings in our shop to familiarise.  Please note the sole purpose of this listing is with good intentions to prevent another person having to find a large wedge unexpectedly as happened today, when a V2 failed, out of warranty/non original owner, it happened and it’s clear, by buying new you’ll have full support and warranty from us and the manufacturer.  We’ve done our bit here to help if you read this.

Send us a message if we can help further, also this is not to say don’t buy used, often it works out great, maybe it’ll last a good while as on the flip side we rarely have any warranty issues so failure is rare but it does happen/happens with most equipment, did today to somebody and they did indeed have to then buy a 3S, unexpectedly, and typically we have had it happen to us before on all sorts of electrical/mechanical products and thought to write this to help others! It is to help! But the best answer is to buy new.

We are authorised Air Lift Retailers & Installers, if you’re looking for a complete kit, and/or installation, or just a single part, send us a message and we’ll be happy to try to help.  (excluding V2 of course, as above.)

The picture is of a Mini cooper, dropped and tucked.

See the shop for 100s more Air Lift Performance Parts Plus 1000s more of the best available Performance Parts


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