Fiat 595/695 Forge Motorsport Performance Turbo Actuator (Standard Garrett Turbo)


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Fiat 595/695 Forge Motorsport Performance Turbo Actuator (Standard Garrett Turbo)

Brand New Genuine Forge Motorsport Performance Parts & Accessories

Fiat 595 145BHP, Fiat 595 Trofeo 160BHP, Fiat 595 Turismo 165BHP, Fiat 595 Competizione 180BHP, and Fiat 695 Rivale 180BHP have either the IHI or Garrett turbo fitted as standard. If your 595/695 model has the Garrett turbo as standard then this is the correct actuator for your vehicle FMACF14. If your 595/695 model has the IHI turbo as standard then please see other listing FMACF500 

IHI turbo stock actuator – the mounting bracket is fixed to the actuator body.

Garrett turbo stock actuator – the mounting bracket is fixed to the turbo housing

This product is built with a predetermined actuator spring suitable for at, or slightly above factory boost levels. The actuator can be assembled with a stiffer spring upon request. Please contact us directly concerning this process.

It is designed and built with the intention of increasing the boost output of a turbocharged system. We cannot guarantee compatibility with all applications, nor the ability to increase the boost output beyond a level that is within the parameters set by the engine-management-system of the given vehicle at the time of installation, whether that system is factory or aftermarket.

  • Green  – Stock Spring
  • Purple  – 13 Psi (0.9 bar)
  • Yellow  – 15 Psi (1.03 bar)
  • Blue  – 18 Psi (1.24 bar)
  • Red  – 20 Psi (1.38 bar)

Diaphragm sealed internals are the default selection for this actuator product but customers now have the option of piston sealed internals. Unique to Forge Motorsport this innovation offers equal performance to the diaphragm type and low maintenance due to the hard wearing nature of piston sealed valve internals.

Forge Motorsport nor any of it’s authorised distributors can assume any responsibility for any adverse effects resulting from the installation and tuning of this product onto a vehicle whose engine-management-system, whether factory or aftermarket, is not capable of allowing for the desired level of adjustment. While Forge Motorsport is happy to supply you with an actuator capable of holding boost beyond that of your factory unit we are in no way capable of knowing nor suggesting that your vehicle’s engine or related systems are capable of supporting or surviving the stresses of such elevated boost pressure.

In The Box:
1 x FMACF14 Actuator
1 x Forge Sticker


  • Fiat 595
    Trofeo 160bhp
    Turismo 165bhp
    Competizione 180bhp
  • Fiat 695 
    Rivale 180bhp
    XSR Yamaha Limited Edition 165bhp

This actuator is built with a Green coded spring as standard. Please see listing FMPACTUM if you require the spring tuning kit, you will need to state at checkout that you require the Diaphragm Type 2, 049 option.

We recommend all parts are fitted by a qualified mechanic to ensure the correct fitment, though this kit does include fitting instructions

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Additional information

Weight3 lbs
Manufacturer Part Number


Item Compatibility List

Car MakeModelCars YearVariantBodyStyleCars TypeEngine Notes
Fiat500/595/6952016312_ [2008-2018] HatchbackHatchback1.41368ccm 145HP 107KW (Petrol)
Fiat500C/595C/695C2016312_ [2009-2018] ConvertibleConvertible1.41368ccm 145HP 107KW (Petrol)
Fiat500/595/6952017312_ [2008-2018] HatchbackHatchback1.41368ccm 145HP 107KW (Petrol)
Fiat500C/595C/695C2017312_ [2009-2018] ConvertibleConvertible1.41368ccm 145HP 107KW (Petrol)
Fiat500/595/6952018312_ [2008-2018] HatchbackHatchback1.41368ccm 145HP 107KW (Petrol)
Fiat500C/595C/695C2018312_ [2009-2018] ConvertibleConvertible1.41368ccm 145HP 107KW (Petrol)
Fiat500/595/6952008312_ [2008-2018] HatchbackHatchback1.41368ccm 160HP 118KW (Petrol)Trofeo
Fiat500/595/6952009312_ [2008-2018] HatchbackHatchback1.41368ccm 160HP 118KW (Petrol)Trofeo
Fiat500/595/6952010312_ [2008-2018] HatchbackHatchback1.41368ccm 160HP 118KW (Petrol)Trofeo
Fiat500/595/6952011312_ [2008-2018] HatchbackHatchback1.41368ccm 160HP 118KW (Petrol)Trofeo
Fiat500C/595C/695C2011312_ [2009-2018] ConvertibleConvertible1.41368ccm 160HP 118KW (Petrol)Trofeo
Fiat500/595/6952012312_ [2008-2018] HatchbackHatchback1.41368ccm 160HP 118KW (Petrol)Trofeo
Fiat500C/595C/695C2012312_ [2009-2018] ConvertibleConvertible1.41368ccm 160HP 118KW (Petrol)Trofeo
Fiat500/595/6952013312_ [2008-2018] HatchbackHatchback1.41368ccm 160HP 118KW (Petrol)Trofeo
Fiat500C/595C/695C2013312_ [2009-2018] ConvertibleConvertible1.41368ccm 160HP 118KW (Petrol)Trofeo
Fiat500/595/6952014312_ [2008-2018] HatchbackHatchback1.41368ccm 160HP 118KW (Petrol)Trofeo
Fiat500C/595C/695C2014312_ [2009-2018] ConvertibleConvertible1.41368ccm 160HP 118KW (Petrol)Trofeo
Fiat500/595/6952015312_ [2008-2018] HatchbackHatchback1.41368ccm 160HP 118KW (Petrol)Trofeo
Fiat500C/595C/695C2015312_ [2009-2018] ConvertibleConvertible1.41368ccm 160HP 118KW (Petrol)Trofeo
Fiat500/595/6952016312_ [2008-2018] HatchbackHatchback1.41368ccm 160HP 118KW (Petrol)Trofeo
Fiat500C/595C/695C2016312_ [2009-2018] ConvertibleConvertible1.41368ccm 160HP 118KW (Petrol)Trofeo
Fiat500/595/6952017312_ [2008-2018] HatchbackHatchback1.41368ccm 160HP 118KW (Petrol)Trofeo
Fiat500C/595C/695C2017312_ [2009-2018] ConvertibleConvertible1.41368ccm 160HP 118KW (Petrol)Trofeo
Fiat500/595/6952018312_ [2008-2018] HatchbackHatchback1.41368ccm 160HP 118KW (Petrol)Trofeo
Fiat500C/595C/695C2018312_ [2009-2018] ConvertibleConvertible1.41368ccm 160HP 118KW (Petrol)Trofeo
Fiat500/595/6952016312_ [2008-2018] HatchbackHatchback1.41368ccm 165HP 121KW (Petrol)Turismo/XSR Yamaha Limited Edition
Fiat500C/595C/695C2016312_ [2009-2018] ConvertibleConvertible1.41368ccm 165HP 121KW (Petrol)Turismo/XSR Yamaha Limited Edition
Fiat500/595/6952017312_ [2008-2018] HatchbackHatchback1.41368ccm 165HP 121KW (Petrol)Turismo/XSR Yamaha Limited Edition
Fiat500C/595C/695C2017312_ [2009-2018] ConvertibleConvertible1.41368ccm 165HP 121KW (Petrol)Turismo/XSR Yamaha Limited Edition
Fiat500/595/6952018312_ [2008-2018] HatchbackHatchback1.41368ccm 165HP 121KW (Petrol)Turismo/XSR Yamaha Limited Edition
Fiat500C/595C/695C2018312_ [2009-2018] ConvertibleConvertible1.41368ccm 165HP 121KW (Petrol)Turismo/XSR Yamaha Limited Edition
Fiat500/595/6952008312 [2008-2018] HatchbackHatchback1.41368ccm 180HP 132KW (Petrol)Competizione/Rivale
Fiat500/595/6952009312 [2008-2018] HatchbackHatchback1.41368ccm 180HP 132KW (Petrol)Competizione/Rivale
Fiat500/595/6952010312 [2008-2018] HatchbackHatchback1.41368ccm 180HP 132KW (Petrol)Competizione/Rivale
Fiat500C/595C/695C2010312_ [2009-2018] ConvertibleConvertible1.41368ccm 180HP 132KW (Petrol)Competizione/Rivale
Fiat500/595/6952011312 [2008-2018] HatchbackHatchback1.41368ccm 180HP 132KW (Petrol)Competizione/Rivale
Fiat500C/595C/695C2011312_ [2009-2018] ConvertibleConvertible1.41368ccm 180HP 132KW (Petrol)Competizione/Rivale
Fiat500/595/6952012312 [2008-2018] HatchbackHatchback1.41368ccm 180HP 132KW (Petrol)Competizione/Rivale
Fiat500C/595C/695C2012312_ [2009-2018] ConvertibleConvertible1.41368ccm 180HP 132KW (Petrol)Competizione/Rivale
Fiat500/595/6952013312 [2008-2018] HatchbackHatchback1.41368ccm 180HP 132KW (Petrol)Competizione/Rivale
Fiat500C/595C/695C2013312_ [2009-2018] ConvertibleConvertible1.41368ccm 180HP 132KW (Petrol)Competizione/Rivale
Fiat500/595/6952014312 [2008-2018] HatchbackHatchback1.41368ccm 180HP 132KW (Petrol)Competizione/Rivale
Fiat500C/595C/695C2014312_ [2009-2018] ConvertibleConvertible1.41368ccm 180HP 132KW (Petrol)Competizione/Rivale
Fiat500/595/6952015312 [2008-2018] HatchbackHatchback1.41368ccm 180HP 132KW (Petrol)Competizione/Rivale
Fiat500C/595C/695C2015312_ [2009-2018] ConvertibleConvertible1.41368ccm 180HP 132KW (Petrol)Competizione/Rivale
Fiat500/595/6952016312 [2008-2018] HatchbackHatchback1.41368ccm 180HP 132KW (Petrol)Competizione/Rivale
Fiat500C/595C/695C2016312_ [2009-2018] ConvertibleConvertible1.41368ccm 180HP 132KW (Petrol)Competizione/Rivale
Fiat500/595/6952017312 [2008-2018] HatchbackHatchback1.41368ccm 180HP 132KW (Petrol)Competizione/Rivale
Fiat500C/595C/695C2017312_ [2009-2018] ConvertibleConvertible1.41368ccm 180HP 132KW (Petrol)Competizione/Rivale
Fiat500/595/6952018312 [2008-2018] HatchbackHatchback1.41368ccm 180HP 132KW (Petrol)Competizione/Rivale
Fiat500C/595C/695C2018312_ [2009-2018] ConvertibleConvertible1.41368ccm 180HP 132KW (Petrol)Competizione/Rivale


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