Fiat 500/595/695 Forge Motorsport Performance Induction Kit

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Fiat 500/595/695 Forge Motorsport Performance Induction Kit

Brand New Genuine Forge Motorsport Performance Parts & Accessories

This kit comes with everything you need for the installation.

  • Complete kit and instructions for ease of installation
  • High flow intake in carbon fibre housing
  • Hand fabricated aluminium piping
  • Maximises density charge of cold air for increased performance (8bhp)
  • Aesthetically pleasing design

Uses a carbon fibre canister to house one of our high flow air filters. The aluminium components are hand fabricated.
The cold air feed is drawn in from the scuttle panel, this maximises the density charge of air entering the turbo intake.
This combination of temperature and density gave us an 8bhp increase on our test cars as well as an incredible induction noise.
Will put a smile on your face not only when you feel the power gains, but also when you open the bonnet and see this beautiful product sat in your engine bay.

For Replacement Filter please see other listing FMIND12RF 


  • Fiat 500
    Euro 6 Abarth
  • Fiat 595
    Trofeo 160bhp
    Turismo 165bhp
    Competizione 180bhp
  • Fiat 695 
    Rivale 180bhp
    XSR Yamaha Limited Edition 165bhp

Please note: This filter will NOT fit the 2012-on Multiair engine

We recommend all parts are fitted by a qualified mechanic to ensure the correct fitment, though this kit does include fitting instructions

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Additional information

Weight65 lbs
Manufacturer Part Number


Item Compatibility List

Car MakeModelCars YearVariantBodyStyleCars TypeEngine Notes
Fiat500/595/6952016312_ [2008-2019] HatchbackHatchback1.41368ccm 145HP 107KW (Petrol)
Fiat500C/595C/695C2016312_ [2009-2019] ConvertibleConvertible1.41368ccm 145HP 107KW (Petrol)
Fiat500/595/6952017312_ [2008-2019] HatchbackHatchback1.41368ccm 145HP 107KW (Petrol)
Fiat500C/595C/695C2017312_ [2009-2019] ConvertibleConvertible1.41368ccm 145HP 107KW (Petrol)
Fiat500/595/6952018312_ [2008-2019] HatchbackHatchback1.41368ccm 145HP 107KW (Petrol)
Fiat500C/595C/695C2018312_ [2009-2019] ConvertibleConvertible1.41368ccm 145HP 107KW (Petrol)
Fiat500/595/6952008312_ [2008-2019] HatchbackHatchback1.41368ccm 160HP 118KW (Petrol)Trofeo
Fiat500/595/6952009312_ [2008-2019] HatchbackHatchback1.41368ccm 160HP 118KW (Petrol)Trofeo
Fiat500/595/6952010312_ [2008-2019] HatchbackHatchback1.41368ccm 160HP 118KW (Petrol)Trofeo
Fiat500/595/6952011312_ [2008-2019] HatchbackHatchback1.41368ccm 160HP 118KW (Petrol)Trofeo
Fiat500C/595C/695C2011312_ [2009-2019] ConvertibleConvertible1.41368ccm 160HP 118KW (Petrol)Trofeo
Fiat500/595/6952012312_ [2008-2019] HatchbackHatchback1.41368ccm 160HP 118KW (Petrol)Trofeo
Fiat500C/595C/695C2012312_ [2009-2019] ConvertibleConvertible1.41368ccm 160HP 118KW (Petrol)Trofeo
Fiat500/595/6952013312_ [2008-2019] HatchbackHatchback1.41368ccm 160HP 118KW (Petrol)Trofeo
Fiat500C/595C/695C2013312_ [2009-2019] ConvertibleConvertible1.41368ccm 160HP 118KW (Petrol)Trofeo
Fiat500/595/6952014312_ [2008-2019] HatchbackHatchback1.41368ccm 160HP 118KW (Petrol)Trofeo
Fiat500C/595C/695C2014312_ [2009-2019] ConvertibleConvertible1.41368ccm 160HP 118KW (Petrol)Trofeo
Fiat500/595/6952015312_ [2008-2019] HatchbackHatchback1.41368ccm 160HP 118KW (Petrol)Trofeo
Fiat500C/595C/695C2015312_ [2009-2019] ConvertibleConvertible1.41368ccm 160HP 118KW (Petrol)Trofeo
Fiat500/595/6952016312_ [2008-2019] HatchbackHatchback1.41368ccm 160HP 118KW (Petrol)Trofeo
Fiat500C/595C/695C2016312_ [2009-2019] ConvertibleConvertible1.41368ccm 160HP 118KW (Petrol)Trofeo
Fiat500/595/6952017312_ [2008-2019] HatchbackHatchback1.41368ccm 160HP 118KW (Petrol)Trofeo
Fiat500C/595C/695C2017312_ [2009-2019] ConvertibleConvertible1.41368ccm 160HP 118KW (Petrol)Trofeo
Fiat500/595/6952018312_ [2008-2019] HatchbackHatchback1.41368ccm 160HP 118KW (Petrol)Trofeo
Fiat500C/595C/695C2018312_ [2009-2019] ConvertibleConvertible1.41368ccm 160HP 118KW (Petrol)Trofeo
Fiat500/595/6952016312_ [2008-2019] HatchbackHatchback1.41368ccm 165HP 121KW (Petrol)Turismo/XSR Yamaha Limited Edition
Fiat500C/595C/695C2016312_ [2009-2019] ConvertibleConvertible1.41368ccm 165HP 121KW (Petrol)Turismo/XSR Yamaha Limited Edition
Fiat500/595/6952017312_ [2008-2019] HatchbackHatchback1.41368ccm 165HP 121KW (Petrol)Turismo/XSR Yamaha Limited Edition
Fiat500C/595C/695C2017312_ [2009-2019] ConvertibleConvertible1.41368ccm 165HP 121KW (Petrol)Turismo/XSR Yamaha Limited Edition
Fiat500/595/6952018312_ [2008-2019] HatchbackHatchback1.41368ccm 165HP 121KW (Petrol)Turismo/XSR Yamaha Limited Edition
Fiat500C/595C/695C2018312_ [2009-2019] ConvertibleConvertible1.41368ccm 165HP 121KW (Petrol)Turismo/XSR Yamaha Limited Edition
Fiat500/595/6952008312 [2008-2019] HatchbackHatchback1.41368ccm 180HP 132KW (Petrol)Competizione/Rivale
Fiat500/595/6952009312 [2008-2019] HatchbackHatchback1.41368ccm 180HP 132KW (Petrol)Competizione/Rivale
Fiat500/595/6952010312 [2008-2019] HatchbackHatchback1.41368ccm 180HP 132KW (Petrol)Competizione/Rivale
Fiat500C/595C/695C2010312_ [2009-2019] ConvertibleConvertible1.41368ccm 180HP 132KW (Petrol)Competizione/Rivale
Fiat500/595/6952011312 [2008-2019] HatchbackHatchback1.41368ccm 180HP 132KW (Petrol)Competizione/Rivale
Fiat500C/595C/695C2011312_ [2009-2019] ConvertibleConvertible1.41368ccm 180HP 132KW (Petrol)Competizione/Rivale
Fiat500/595/6952012312 [2008-2019] HatchbackHatchback1.41368ccm 180HP 132KW (Petrol)Competizione/Rivale
Fiat500C/595C/695C2012312_ [2009-2019] ConvertibleConvertible1.41368ccm 180HP 132KW (Petrol)Competizione/Rivale
Fiat500/595/6952013312 [2008-2019] HatchbackHatchback1.41368ccm 180HP 132KW (Petrol)Competizione/Rivale
Fiat500C/595C/695C2013312_ [2009-2019] ConvertibleConvertible1.41368ccm 180HP 132KW (Petrol)Competizione/Rivale
Fiat500/595/6952014312 [2008-2019] HatchbackHatchback1.41368ccm 180HP 132KW (Petrol)Competizione/Rivale
Fiat500C/595C/695C2014312_ [2009-2019] ConvertibleConvertible1.41368ccm 180HP 132KW (Petrol)Competizione/Rivale
Fiat500/595/6952015312 [2008-2019] HatchbackHatchback1.41368ccm 180HP 132KW (Petrol)Competizione/Rivale
Fiat500C/595C/695C2015312_ [2009-2019] ConvertibleConvertible1.41368ccm 180HP 132KW (Petrol)Competizione/Rivale
Fiat500/595/6952016312 [2008-2019] HatchbackHatchback1.41368ccm 180HP 132KW (Petrol)Competizione/Rivale
Fiat500C/595C/695C2016312_ [2009-2019] ConvertibleConvertible1.41368ccm 180HP 132KW (Petrol)Competizione/Rivale
Fiat500/595/6952017312 [2008-2019] HatchbackHatchback1.41368ccm 180HP 132KW (Petrol)Competizione/Rivale
Fiat500C/595C/695C2017312_ [2009-2019] ConvertibleConvertible1.41368ccm 180HP 132KW (Petrol)Competizione/Rivale
Fiat500/595/6952018312 [2008-2019] HatchbackHatchback1.41368ccm 180HP 132KW (Petrol)Competizione/Rivale
Fiat500C/595C/695C2018312_ [2009-2019] ConvertibleConvertible1.41368ccm 180HP 132KW (Petrol)Competizione/Rivale


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