Dodge Caliber Forge Motorsport Performance Blow Off Valve And Fitting Kit

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Dodge Caliber Forge Motorsport Performance Blow Off Valve And Fitting Kit

Brand New Genuine Forge Motorsport Performance Parts & Accessories

A complete kit including everything that you will need to install this Blow Off valve to your Dodge Caliber.

The kit is available in two options:

  • Black hard pipes, black hoses and black valve.
  • Polished hard pipes, polished valve and black hoses.

** Please state at checkout which kit you require. **

If you wish to tune this product to fit the needs of your engine, please see the spring tuning kit FMDVTUN or FMTVTUN.


  • Dodge Caliber

We recommend all parts are fitted by a qualified mechanic to ensure the correct fitment, though this kit does include fitting instructions

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Additional information

Weight20 lbs

Manufacturer Part Number

Item Compatibility List

MakeModelYearVariantBodyStyleTypeEngine Notes
DodgeCaliber2006-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback1.81798ccm 150HP 110KW (Petrol)
DodgeCaliber2006-- [2006-2018] HatchbackHatchback2.0 CRD1968ccm 136HP 100KW (Diesel)
DodgeCaliber2006-- [2006-2011] HatchbackHatchback2.4 AWD2359ccm 170HP 125KW (Petrol)
DodgeCaliber2006-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.0 CRD1968ccm 140HP 103KW (Diesel)
DodgeCaliber2006-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.42359ccm 172HP 126KW (Petrol)
DodgeCaliber2006-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.4 SRT4 AWD2360ccm 303HP 223KW (Petrol)
DodgeCaliber2006-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.01998ccm 156HP 115KW (Petrol)
DodgeCaliber2006-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.42359ccm 170HP 125KW (Petrol)
DodgeCaliber2007-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback1.81798ccm 150HP 110KW (Petrol)
DodgeCaliber2007-- [2006-2018] HatchbackHatchback2.0 CRD1968ccm 136HP 100KW (Diesel)
DodgeCaliber2007-- [2006-2011] HatchbackHatchback2.4 AWD2359ccm 170HP 125KW (Petrol)
DodgeCaliber2007-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.0 CRD1968ccm 140HP 103KW (Diesel)
DodgeCaliber2007-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.42359ccm 172HP 126KW (Petrol)
DodgeCaliber2007-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.4 SRT4 AWD2360ccm 303HP 223KW (Petrol)
DodgeCaliber2007-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.01998ccm 156HP 115KW (Petrol)
DodgeCaliber2007-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.42359ccm 170HP 125KW (Petrol)
DodgeCaliber2007-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.4 Turbo2359ccm 295HP 217KW (Petrol)
DodgeCaliber2008-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback1.81798ccm 150HP 110KW (Petrol)
DodgeCaliber2008-- [2006-2018] HatchbackHatchback2.0 CRD1968ccm 136HP 100KW (Diesel)
DodgeCaliber2008-- [2006-2011] HatchbackHatchback2.4 AWD2359ccm 170HP 125KW (Petrol)
DodgeCaliber2008-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.0 CRD1968ccm 140HP 103KW (Diesel)
DodgeCaliber2008-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.42359ccm 172HP 126KW (Petrol)
DodgeCaliber2008-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.4 SRT4 AWD2360ccm 303HP 223KW (Petrol)
DodgeCaliber2008-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.01998ccm 156HP 115KW (Petrol)
DodgeCaliber2008-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.42359ccm 170HP 125KW (Petrol)
DodgeCaliber2008-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.4 Turbo2359ccm 295HP 217KW (Petrol)
DodgeCaliber2009-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback1.81798ccm 150HP 110KW (Petrol)
DodgeCaliber2009-- [2006-2018] HatchbackHatchback2.0 CRD1968ccm 136HP 100KW (Diesel)
DodgeCaliber2009-- [2006-2011] HatchbackHatchback2.4 AWD2359ccm 170HP 125KW (Petrol)
DodgeCaliber2009-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.0 CRD1968ccm 140HP 103KW (Diesel)
DodgeCaliber2009-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.42359ccm 172HP 126KW (Petrol)
DodgeCaliber2009-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.4 SRT4 AWD2360ccm 303HP 223KW (Petrol)
DodgeCaliber2009-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.01998ccm 156HP 115KW (Petrol)
DodgeCaliber2009-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.42359ccm 170HP 125KW (Petrol)
DodgeCaliber2009-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.4 Turbo2359ccm 295HP 217KW (Petrol)
DodgeCaliber2010-- [2006-2018] HatchbackHatchback2.0 CRD1968ccm 136HP 100KW (Diesel)
DodgeCaliber2010-- [2006-2011] HatchbackHatchback2.4 AWD2359ccm 170HP 125KW (Petrol)
DodgeCaliber2010-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.0 CRD1968ccm 140HP 103KW (Diesel)
DodgeCaliber2010-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.42359ccm 172HP 126KW (Petrol)
DodgeCaliber2010-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.4 SRT4 AWD2360ccm 303HP 223KW (Petrol)
DodgeCaliber2010-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.01998ccm 156HP 115KW (Petrol)
DodgeCaliber2010-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.42359ccm 170HP 125KW (Petrol)
DodgeCaliber2010-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.4 Turbo2359ccm 295HP 217KW (Petrol)
DodgeCaliber2010-- [2006-2016] HatchbackHatchback2.2 CRD2143ccm 163HP 120KW (Diesel)
DodgeCaliber2011-- [2006-2018] HatchbackHatchback2.0 CRD1968ccm 136HP 100KW (Diesel)
DodgeCaliber2011-- [2006-2011] HatchbackHatchback2.4 AWD2359ccm 170HP 125KW (Petrol)
DodgeCaliber2011-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.0 CRD1968ccm 140HP 103KW (Diesel)
DodgeCaliber2011-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.42359ccm 172HP 126KW (Petrol)
DodgeCaliber2011-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.4 SRT4 AWD2360ccm 303HP 223KW (Petrol)
DodgeCaliber2011-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.01998ccm 156HP 115KW (Petrol)
DodgeCaliber2011-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.42359ccm 170HP 125KW (Petrol)
DodgeCaliber2011-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.4 Turbo2359ccm 295HP 217KW (Petrol)
DodgeCaliber2011-- [2006-2016] HatchbackHatchback2.2 CRD2143ccm 163HP 120KW (Diesel)
DodgeCaliber2012-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.0 CRD1968ccm 140HP 103KW (Diesel)
DodgeCaliber2012-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.42359ccm 172HP 126KW (Petrol)
DodgeCaliber2012-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.4 SRT4 AWD2360ccm 303HP 223KW (Petrol)
DodgeCaliber2012-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.01998ccm 156HP 115KW (Petrol)
DodgeCaliber2012-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.42359ccm 170HP 125KW (Petrol)
DodgeCaliber2012-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.4 Turbo2359ccm 295HP 217KW (Petrol)
DodgeCaliber2012-- [2006-2016] HatchbackHatchback2.2 CRD2143ccm 163HP 120KW (Diesel)
DodgeCaliber2013-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.0 CRD1968ccm 140HP 103KW (Diesel)
DodgeCaliber2013-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.42359ccm 172HP 126KW (Petrol)
DodgeCaliber2013-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.4 SRT4 AWD2360ccm 303HP 223KW (Petrol)
DodgeCaliber2013-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.01998ccm 156HP 115KW (Petrol)
DodgeCaliber2013-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.42359ccm 170HP 125KW (Petrol)
DodgeCaliber2013-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.4 Turbo2359ccm 295HP 217KW (Petrol)
DodgeCaliber2013-- [2006-2016] HatchbackHatchback2.2 CRD2143ccm 163HP 120KW (Diesel)
DodgeCaliber2014-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.0 CRD1968ccm 140HP 103KW (Diesel)
DodgeCaliber2014-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.42359ccm 172HP 126KW (Petrol)
DodgeCaliber2014-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.4 SRT4 AWD2360ccm 303HP 223KW (Petrol)
DodgeCaliber2014-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.01998ccm 156HP 115KW (Petrol)
DodgeCaliber2014-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.42359ccm 170HP 125KW (Petrol)
DodgeCaliber2014-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.4 Turbo2359ccm 295HP 217KW (Petrol)
DodgeCaliber2015-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.0 CRD1968ccm 140HP 103KW (Diesel)
DodgeCaliber2015-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.42359ccm 172HP 126KW (Petrol)
DodgeCaliber2015-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.4 SRT4 AWD2360ccm 303HP 223KW (Petrol)
DodgeCaliber2015-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.01998ccm 156HP 115KW (Petrol)
DodgeCaliber2015-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.42359ccm 170HP 125KW (Petrol)
DodgeCaliber2015-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.4 Turbo2359ccm 295HP 217KW (Petrol)
DodgeCaliber2016-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.0 CRD1968ccm 140HP 103KW (Diesel)
DodgeCaliber2016-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.42359ccm 172HP 126KW (Petrol)
DodgeCaliber2016-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.4 SRT4 AWD2360ccm 303HP 223KW (Petrol)
DodgeCaliber2016-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.01998ccm 156HP 115KW (Petrol)
DodgeCaliber2016-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.42359ccm 170HP 125KW (Petrol)
DodgeCaliber2016-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.4 Turbo2359ccm 295HP 217KW (Petrol)
DodgeCaliber2017-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.0 CRD1968ccm 140HP 103KW (Diesel)
DodgeCaliber2017-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.42359ccm 172HP 126KW (Petrol)
DodgeCaliber2017-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.4 SRT4 AWD2360ccm 303HP 223KW (Petrol)
DodgeCaliber2017-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.01998ccm 156HP 115KW (Petrol)
DodgeCaliber2017-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.42359ccm 170HP 125KW (Petrol)
DodgeCaliber2017-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.4 Turbo2359ccm 295HP 217KW (Petrol)
DodgeCaliber2018-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.0 CRD1968ccm 140HP 103KW (Diesel)
DodgeCaliber2018-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.42359ccm 172HP 126KW (Petrol)
DodgeCaliber2018-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.4 SRT4 AWD2360ccm 303HP 223KW (Petrol)
DodgeCaliber2018-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.01998ccm 156HP 115KW (Petrol)
DodgeCaliber2018-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.42359ccm 170HP 125KW (Petrol)
DodgeCaliber2018-- [2006-2012] HatchbackHatchback2.4 Turbo2359ccm 295HP 217KW (Petrol)


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