BMW 535D 635D Forge Motorsport Performance Boost Hose

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BMW 535D 635D Forge Motorsport Performance Boost Hose

Brand New Genuine Forge Motorsport Performance Parts & Accessories

This hose was designed to overcome the known boost and oil leakage of the original fitment hose. Though this normally goes undetected due to its location, eventually total failure occurs.

Our solution is a 4ply Fluorosilicone hose to withstand the temperatures and pressures involved, but more importantly, resist the degradation from oil. This is combined with CNC machined alloy couplers for the perfect, no leakage fitment. We supply the new hose, aluminium couplers and jubilee clips, in fact, everything you require to replace your standard hose.

The Forge silicone hoses in this kit have been designed to include an expensive inner liner of modified silicone known as Fluorosilicone.

This means the hoses are suitable to be used with either modern long-life coolants, Organic Acid Technology coolants (O.A.T.) or air containing oil mist.

The construction of the hoses has been engineered to exceed that of the OEM fitments and will enhance any engine bay both technically and aesthetically

The use of a Fluorosilicone liner ensures that Forge silicone hoses are the clear market leader.

This part is a replacement for BMW Part No. 11617796293


  • BMW 535D (E60, E61)
  • BMW 635D (E63, E64)

We recommend all parts are fitted by a qualified mechanic to ensure the correct fitment, though this kit does include fitting instructions

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Additional information

Weight20 lbs
Manufacturer Part Number


Item Compatibility List

Car MakeModelCars YearVariantBodyStyleCars TypeEngine Notes
BMW5 Series2004E60 [2001-2010] SaloonSaloon535d2993ccm 272HP 200KW (Diesel)
BMW5 Series2004E61 [2004-2010] EstateEstate535d2993ccm 272HP 200KW (Diesel)
BMW5 Series2005E60 [2001-2010] SaloonSaloon535d2993ccm 272HP 200KW (Diesel)
BMW5 Series2005E61 [2004-2010] EstateEstate535d2993ccm 272HP 200KW (Diesel)
BMW5 Series2006E60 [2001-2010] SaloonSaloon535d2993ccm 272HP 200KW (Diesel)
BMW5 Series2006E61 [2004-2010] EstateEstate535d2993ccm 272HP 200KW (Diesel)
BMW5 Series2007E60 [2001-2010] SaloonSaloon535d2993ccm 272HP 200KW (Diesel)
BMW5 Series2007E61 [2004-2010] EstateEstate535d2993ccm 272HP 200KW (Diesel)
BMW6 Series2007E63 [2004-2010] CoupeCoupe635d2993ccm 286HP 210KW (Diesel)
BMW5 Series2007E61 [2004-2010] EstateEstate535d2993ccm 286HP 210KW (Diesel)
BMW5 Series2007E60 [2001-2010] SaloonSaloon535d2993ccm 286HP 210KW (Diesel)
BMW6 Series2007E64 [2004-2010] ConvertibleConvertible635d2993ccm 286HP 210KW (Diesel)
BMW5 Series2008E60 [2001-2010] SaloonSaloon535d2993ccm 272HP 200KW (Diesel)
BMW5 Series2008E61 [2004-2010] EstateEstate535d2993ccm 272HP 200KW (Diesel)
BMW6 Series2008E63 [2004-2010] CoupeCoupe635d2993ccm 286HP 210KW (Diesel)
BMW5 Series2008E61 [2004-2010] EstateEstate535d2993ccm 286HP 210KW (Diesel)
BMW5 Series2008E60 [2001-2010] SaloonSaloon535d2993ccm 286HP 210KW (Diesel)
BMW6 Series2008E64 [2004-2010] ConvertibleConvertible635d2993ccm 286HP 210KW (Diesel)
BMW5 Series2009E60 [2001-2010] SaloonSaloon535d2993ccm 272HP 200KW (Diesel)
BMW5 Series2009E61 [2004-2010] EstateEstate535d2993ccm 272HP 200KW (Diesel)
BMW6 Series2009E63 [2004-2010] CoupeCoupe635d2993ccm 286HP 210KW (Diesel)
BMW5 Series2009E61 [2004-2010] EstateEstate535d2993ccm 286HP 210KW (Diesel)
BMW5 Series2009E60 [2001-2010] SaloonSaloon535d2993ccm 286HP 210KW (Diesel)
BMW6 Series2009E64 [2004-2010] ConvertibleConvertible635d2993ccm 286HP 210KW (Diesel)
BMW5 Series2010E60 [2001-2010] SaloonSaloon535d2993ccm 272HP 200KW (Diesel)
BMW5 Series2010E61 [2004-2010] EstateEstate535d2993ccm 272HP 200KW (Diesel)
BMW6 Series2010E63 [2004-2010] CoupeCoupe635d2993ccm 286HP 210KW (Diesel)
BMW5 Series2010E61 [2004-2010] EstateEstate535d2993ccm 286HP 210KW (Diesel)
BMW5 Series2010E60 [2001-2010] SaloonSaloon535d2993ccm 286HP 210KW (Diesel)
BMW6 Series2010E64 [2004-2010] ConvertibleConvertible635d2993ccm 286HP 210KW (Diesel)

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